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    Warming a Graver Vise

    I recently had some surgery to my left hand, which resulted in some nerve and circulation problems. The hand cramps when cold. Turing my stainless ball (cold) sets up a cramp. Anyone tried any methods of warming a vise. I am using a low profile Lindsay.
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    Polarizing filter for Leica 9I

    Have any of you added a polarizing Unit to your microscope with camera? Leica has a polarizing filter and analyzer but it is over $500.00. Thoughts on alternatives? My goal is to reduce the glare generated from reflective surfaces.
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    GRS Thermalock Jaw Kit for Large Ball

    This is is unused, like new. $120.00 retail. For sale at $90.00
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    Lindsay Heavy Duty Turntable for sale

    I have a very lightly used Lindsay Turntable for sale. These are out of stock currently, retails for $429.00. Offering this for $350.00.