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  1. Big-Un

    Critique Request Some doodles to show

    Combine the two images and I think you have a winner. Need to see the face of the bear IMHO.
  2. Big-Un

    Question: What 1911 to use as a canvas?

    I also use the Lysol TBC for removing bluing but haven't tried it to remove Parkerizing. Off hand I don't think it will remove Parkerizing but I've been known to be wrong before!
  3. Big-Un

    The Artwork of JJ Roberts.

    Love the timberdoodle!
  4. Big-Un

    Today's Egret Pic

    No, the alligator just submerged rather quickly, leaving the egret scrambling for air as he tried to get away!
  5. Big-Un

    Today's Egret Pic

    The last time I saw one of these was when I lived in South Florida and one was perched on what I thought was an old log floating in the Miami Canal west of West Palm Beach. My son and I were paddling a 12 foot canoe in the canal fishing and when we passed by it at about 10 feet the log suddenly...
  6. Big-Un

    An Interesting Curvy Twist

    I saw a similar brick wall on a South Carolina plantation near Charleston.
  7. Big-Un

    INKS please

    I've been using the ink that came with it for about a year now, both for engraving transfers (of which I do little as I prefer drawing on the item directly) and for our home use and the black reservoir is still half full, plus I still have another full black tub that came with the printer. So...
  8. Big-Un

    INKS please

    I'm using the Epson 3760 series printer with ink tubs and have been pleased with it so far.
  9. Big-Un

    Printable practice designs

    I have a lot of books from Dover Publications and JJ is right, they have good transferable designs for practice.
  10. Big-Un

    RIP Gianfranco Pedersoli

    Prayers for his family during their time of grief.
  11. Big-Un

    Question: Website suggestions

    I use WIX for my site and it was set up by Derek Dugan but my hosting for my name is GoDaddy.
  12. Big-Un

    Limestone morning glory garland

    Most of the newer compressors are really junk, needing replacement after a few years. I sold my old one years ago and now am attending auctions for old machine shops and gas stations looking for a decent compressor to replace it. Dumb move on my part.
  13. Big-Un

    interesting movie

    In high school I was assigned to a sign painter through DCT (Diversified Cooperative Training) where I went to classes until noon and the worked with a company in the afternoon. I learned a lot from working with him and I guess he was pleased with me as it wasn't too long before I was working on...
  14. Big-Un

    Show and tell

    Those are almost the exact words told to me by Ken Hurst when I said I was so afraid of making a mistake on a piece. He then proceeded to grill me on my engraving technique. I certainly miss the old boy.
  15. Big-Un

    Show us your favourite chasing hammer

    Are these in your possession?
  16. Big-Un

    The Pencil Plane

    I always use a very sharp knife/blade with a gentle touch to keep the lead from breaking. I'm beginning to get away from mechanical lead holders.
  17. Big-Un

    Jerry Huddleston

    Oh man, that just sucks! Jerry was a very good man and, although I didn’t know him very well, the times I did have conversing with him were pleasant and informative. He will be sorely missed.
  18. Big-Un

    Ron Smith in Monteagle May 2

    Oh Man!!! The day before my SEVENTH knee surgery, and hopefully the last! Gonna miss this one real bad.
  19. Big-Un

    A few recent projects.

    You seemed to have nailed the LDN style!
  20. Big-Un

    New Graver Sharpener Ha! Ha!

    I've been using the Lansky sharpening for nigh on 30 years and haven't found anything much better, including the "belt" type systems. Once the blade is the correct angle and sharp, it doesn't take much to keep it sharp.