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  1. edgrabow15

    Help, please: Practice Template

    Sam I bought the Deep Relief S6culpting DVD. I went to the site I was directed to on the label to get the transfer template to practice along with you but when I get to the site I can't find any way to get the template. All my other purchases that I bought on direct download are there but this...
  2. edgrabow15

    Procreate on l pad class

    I have been gone for quite a few months with a severe illness . Beat the heck out of it & now I’m back. I purchased a top of the line l pad and down loaded the procreate program as a gift to myself but can’t get the hang of it. I read a lot of posts from people praising the class that Sam...
  3. edgrabow15

    Adobe illustrator

    Can I currently download adobe illustrator to the new I pad ( with pencil yippie! ) I tried and when the download is sent over it says that it won’t work on mobile divides and that one will be available for iPad in 2020. I’m not super computer savvy and it’s confusing. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. edgrabow15

    good deal ?

    I just purchased an NSK set off a girl on E bay who had bought it new ,used it once and than wound up not using it as much as she thought she would so she sold it, I got everything shown in the pictures for $400, I think it was a really good deal but was wondering what you all think, Im not...
  5. edgrabow15

    Midas Fever ?

    I decided to make my 90 yo Mother a simple little necklace she could wear to church and show off to her friends there, I just purchased one of the Silver Nickle practice pendants from GRS and did a simple Capital H in the center with a simple border around the edge filling both the H and border...
  6. edgrabow15

    6 MONTHS ENGRAVING,... A GIFT TO A FRIEND... I started engraving in Dec 2018, I also have been a collector of vintage and custom Guitars, One of these small Boutique Company's in Israel that I have done a lot of Business with was and still is really instrumental ( No pun intended ) in helping me...
  7. edgrabow15

    Need help with an inlay decision Please.

    Hi everyone, I'm working on a practice piece that I plan on keeping displayed at my home of an Anchor with a piece of rope attached to it and USN across it on the bottom on a 2 inch round disc of mild steel. I'm a Navy Veteran and it's a take off of the Navy Anchor displayed on some...
  8. edgrabow15

    24K 1/2 Hard yellow gold wire,

    Im going to buy some 24K gold round wire for some inlay work and I know 24K is the best to use for newer people in the engraving world, because it's the most easy to work with.I noticed that it seems to only show 1 hardness when ordering on the internet . 1/2 hard. Is that good enough to...
  9. edgrabow15

    Announcement: Latest Acquisitions

  10. edgrabow15

    Our 2nd Homes

    Someone once asked about showing our work spaces to other Members, I'm new to Engraving though I have been Plating Jewelry and other Metals for some time so I just added another Bench and made my little ZEN place, Turn on the music and I lose myself in Engraving, Being Widowed 18 months...
  11. edgrabow15

    Field of view

    Hello all, Hope everyone had a great Holiday Season , Im still new to the Metal Engraving world but making a lot of progress. I have a 2 day beginners course scheduled with J J Roberts in VA , one on one . It should be great. Looking forward to it. Any way the main reason for this post is the...
  12. edgrabow15

    engravers script lettering chart

    Sam ,Another one was definitely needed, I've been looking for a good download to practice my lettering from as close to your style as possible. well I got it. Thanks and Happy Holidays
  13. edgrabow15

    Question: Local Engravers

    Happy Holidays to all, I'm new to Metal engraving but not to the arts themselves, I've been a Tattoo Artist, Also Painting some, Im 58 yrs old Disabled and unfortunately recently Widowed, I live in Shirley Long Island and was just wondering if there was any other Members who live around me that...