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  1. Leonardo

    Critique Request Leaf cypher pendant

    That's my letter! Very nice. :)
  2. Leonardo

    Colt SAA cased

    Thank you for your reply. The work involved in making such a case by hand is huge and the result is stunning. A truly wonderful work of art!. Congratulations again!
  3. Leonardo

    Colt SAA cased

    All the set is beautiful but I love the case most! Congrats!! By the way, is the case made by CNC?
  4. Leonardo

    RIP Jerry Huddleston 1936-2021

    Sad News indeed! Although I never met him we exchanged some emails because he bought one of my ring lights around the first quarter of 2019. He was a great person doing beautiful works of art. Rest in peace Jerry!
  5. Leonardo

    Announcement: Diffused LED ring light - New release.

    Hey Richard, thank you for the feedback and the pictures! It makes me happy that you like the ring light. Enjoy it!
  6. Leonardo

    Vector Programs

    You are welcome Roger!
  7. Leonardo

    Vector Programs

    Inkscape is a great program. It is free, open source and cross platform software (Windows, MacOS and Linux). You will not be disappointed using it. Plus, you can download it for free, give it a try and, if you do not like it you can the look for another one without loosing any money.
  8. Leonardo

    Work Station Organization

    Your design is nice and looks great BUT I would have designed it with the tools facing down. This looks quite dangerous with all that sharp points so close to the hand pieces. Safety always first!
  9. Leonardo

    new wildlife thread

    A new member comes to our home... it is a Tupinambis lizard that lives in our backyard from a month or so ago. We speculate that it would have been brought here with the last swelling of the river. (We have a river at the limit of the backyard). It is around 80 cm long and quite unfriendly! I...
  10. Leonardo

    Belgium engravers

    Alain Lovenberg and Bran Ramon are members of this forum! All of them are great engravers just to say the least. It would be nice to see new posts from them.
  11. Leonardo

    Belgium engravers

    Arnaud Van Tilburgh... I cannot remember another one by the moment. He is in Antwerp.
  12. Leonardo

    Help needed, any advice and suggestions, please help.

    Hi Jessica, welcome to the Cafe! Perhaps your best first inversion would be to get some classes. You will have the opportunity to know the tools and what they are intended for. Then you will be able to decide what tools suit your needs best. All the best on your new and fascinating endeavor!
  13. Leonardo

    Prototype vise top

    My pleasure Brian. Your model looks very nice!
  14. Leonardo

    Prototype vise top

    You are welcome Brian! Before working in the new model I would suggest you to take a look at the standard extruded aluminum profiles that are made for machines tables and other applications. They are sold by length in different wide measures and also with various steps between slots. If you...
  15. Leonardo

    Prototype vise top

    Hi Brian, What about of making it with "T" slots instead of those pass through slots? You would save some mechanizing in hollowing out the downside of the plate and also some material too, making it thinner. The T nuts are standard and come in many measures. Kind regards!
  16. Leonardo

    Where’s the line?

    Precious metals are soft and they will wear out with the use along the time for sure. Planing ahead, you could place the finest details on recessed surfaces. This will prevent them from wearing out prematurely. From the point of view of the owner, and knowing that the use of the object will...
  17. Leonardo

    Junair Air Compressor help

    Hi Michele! I do not think that the plug is stuck. I never needed to heat up one of these. These drain plugs are usually made of brass with a conic sit so just unscrewing a couple turn will suffice to let the water start draining. First release the air pressure and let the air escape of the...
  18. Leonardo

    Homemade articulating stand for microscope

    Ryan, I would not be very confident in a parts made of PLA, even more when you are stressing them with screws. These parts may crack when you are away of your microscope with awful result for it. I would use PETG, Nylon or ABS. These materials has much better mechanic properties than PLA.
  19. Leonardo

    Kudu bulino progress

    Oh, yes. It is a useful thing. You can attach a camera or phone to almost every optical instrument. There are other models also, but this is similar as mine.
  20. Leonardo

    Kudu bulino progress

    Very nice work Dan! What you said about having a name is a big true... just a few lines of Picasso may worth millions. Unfortunately this is not the same for many great artist all around the world that lack of that lucky strike what can shoot you to the fame. By the way, do you know about this...

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