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  1. JJ Roberts

    The Artwork of JJ Roberts.

    Thanks for all of the compliments. Here's a few more pieces.
  2. JJ Roberts

    The Artwork of J.J.Roberts.

    Here's some paintings that I've done over the last 40 years.
  3. JJ Roberts

    The Nations Gun Show.

    The Nations Gun Show is now up and running again since the pandemic. We had a great weekend next show July 23, 24 and 25th. Chantilly Virginia. JJ.
  4. JJ Roberts

    Robert Swartley

    Here's a couple of pictures I'd like to share of Mr. Swartley's engraved single shot rifle. I think that you'd like to see. J.J.
  5. JJ Roberts

    Virginia Arms Collectors Gun Show.

    This is my first gun show in a year. Representing Fox gun collectors association. We had a really good crowd and looking forward to doing the next one. J.J.
  6. JJ Roberts

    Browning A-5

    Here's a picture that I did for a client a few years ago of a Browning A-5. In a French Grey formula was told to me by my old friend master engraver Marty Rabeno. J.J.
  7. JJ Roberts

    Rust Busters

    Here's an FN 1922 .32 Before and after example.
  8. JJ Roberts

    Colt Super .38 Restored

    Colt Super .38 Restored
  9. JJ Roberts

    Browning BAR

    Here's a Browning BAR with three of the six game scenes that finished last night.
  10. JJ Roberts

    Browning BAR engraved with six game scenes. Here's three of them.

    Here's three of the six game scenes on the Browning BAR.
  11. JJ Roberts

    Browning BAR RIFLE

  12. JJ Roberts

    Browning BAR

    Browning BAR 270 Being engraved with six game scenes. Working on the bear...
  13. JJ Roberts

    Browning BAR rifle.

    Dall Ram jus completed for BAR rifle. JJ
  14. JJ Roberts

    Browning BAR rifle.

    This is the start of a Browning BAR rifle which will be engraved with 6 big game scenes.
  15. JJ Roberts

    Big game drawings.

    Here are some drawings I'm sending off to a client in Montana
  16. JJ Roberts

    Tools of the trade for Bulino engraving.

    Eagle head on copper plate for showing students.
  17. JJ Roberts

    When it all started.
  18. JJ Roberts

    Jewelry Institute of America It was nice of Mr.Owen to frame my castings and hang them in the Jewellery...
  19. JJ Roberts

    L.D. NIMSCHKE - Colt Single Action Army

    This Colt single action army is owned by a dealer friend & collector of mine, Dr. Don Jewel. The Colt was engraved by L.D. Nimschke. Attached Thumbnails
  20. JJ Roberts

    Factory Engraved Winchester Model 12 - John Kusmit

    Factory Engraved Winchester Model 12 Last gun show a gentleman came by my table to show me a factory engraved Model 12 Winchester 12 ga, he asked me who I thought engraved it, I said, “John Kusmit”, what say you???

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