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  1. Matthew Evans

    Question: Buffalo nickel source

    I was gonna go buy a roll, I’ve got a local source at a coin shop, but didn’t know if there was a well known source on eBay for quality or the like.
  2. Matthew Evans

    Question: Buffalo nickel source

    Anybody got a good source for Buffalo nickels? Not trying to get the collectible or rare years just want to get my feet wet with carving
  3. Matthew Evans

    Knife Scales

    really appreciate the little details!! Was it a commission or your own thoughts? Is that a mask of sorrow he’s holding with the I assume violin? The curves on the scythe and hourglass are nice, most people’s scythes look anemic instead of deadly. Thanks for pushing the envelope and showing...
  4. Matthew Evans

    Help, please: Setting benches

  5. Matthew Evans

    Leaf cypher pendant work in progress

    Can’t wait to see it shaded, take your time and enjoy
  6. Matthew Evans

    Metalsmithing course

    If you put a location in your profile it will help with things as a first. But you can’t go wrong with new approach with Blaine Lewis. Have heard nothing but good things, although I have not been.
  7. Matthew Evans

    Need A Better Microscope!!!

    Bought the flex arm first and then moved to the versa myself. (Moved from a Meiji emz to Leica a60 as well.) Pros for the flex arm are for mobility, but I am in an apartment and every shake of the floor can be seen through the lens. Current setup is the a60 with versa on a durston bench...
  8. Matthew Evans

    Question: Draw tongs

    Do you all use anything other than draw tongs for drawing wire? Dipping my toes with drawing gold wire to size and haven’t gotten the hang of it quite yet, curious what y’all’s favorite tool for the job was. Other question, does the “rows and teeth” method of overlay work for wire or am I...
  9. Matthew Evans

    Compass for scribing

    3” starrett dividers are the ticket, found at all major retailers. You can grind down the tips to a microscopic point and then burnish the ends to give it the right feel...
  10. Matthew Evans

    Critique Request Dainty flower

    If I start making money from selling sunflowers I’m blaming you.
  11. Matthew Evans

    Critique Request Dainty flower

    I tend to agree with you on the effects of the single point not lending itself to shading for this flower or even bulino alone doing it justice, so honesty works best for me = ). At this stage I am likely trying to recreate the flower petal shapes because those are what originally attracted me...
  12. Matthew Evans

    Critique Request Dainty flower

    The Semper Augustus tulip was a “broken” tulip that had frayed edges and scattered coloring unlike most tulips. At the time this was one of the most prized flowers and it was a virus that caused its difference and with that they are no longer in existence. All critiques are welcome, so I...
  13. Matthew Evans

    Critique Request Dainty flower

    Trying to find designs that would be easy to engrave in an hour or two for the entry level crowd. Flowers never go out of style but tell me what you think. Semper Augustus: a flower who’s petals were beautiful because of a virus.
  14. Matthew Evans

    Critique Request Tiffany money clip

    I’ll read these hints over and over and I appreciate the thought and time you have put into it. -Matthew
  15. Matthew Evans

    Critique Request First time ever showing my work

    Those are the ones, Dover books will kill you with kindness with their prices and diversity too if you get bored. You are on the right track
  16. Matthew Evans

    Critique Request First time ever showing my work

    Right there with you, post some drawings before cutting and you can find the balance with some feedback. I like what you did and have some great starting points. There’s never a cap on how well you can do of course so I’m coming from a how to improve. What’s your favorite design book or dvd at...
  17. Matthew Evans

    Critique Request First time ever showing my work

    Less critique and more food for thought. What are you trying to show your customer and is that able to be seen more than a foot away? The reason for shading is for contrast and to give dimensions. If it is bright cutting in gold, fewer clean and balanced lines communicate better than...
  18. Matthew Evans

    Critique Request Tiffany money clip

    Finally finished. Critiques still welcome and learning as I go, but this will be my first piece I am putting on the market. Happy with it enough but always working on graver control and fine shading. Thank you for looking and especially to everyone who has given critique, it gives me direction...