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    Question: ata pneumo pencil grinder

    i have an ata sp60r pneumatic pencil type mini grinder. it is a very powerful little tool. i've not been able to find out if this little beastie uses oil, or is oil free. anybody know ? would oil harm the turbine if it was an oil free model. i've had it about a month, but am reluctant to give...
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    Question: victor ballvise upgrade.

    i have a victor. the model with the hole/lock pin. it rotates too freely. at least for my hand. what's a good way to apply a bit of resistance or braking to the top half. no, i don't need another doorstop, just a viable suggestion.
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    Question: metal clay

    has anybody ever engraved this stuff ? i was given 2 pieces done in silver, and 1 piece in copper. the lady wants initials engraved on the back. i think this falls into the category of sintering. i put this on hold till i get some feedback.
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    Help, please: flare cut dwgs

    i have not been able to download any of the drawings that were intended to go with sams' flare cut video. coud any body send me a copy via email ?
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    Question: leonardos light

    i want one. what additional charges are placed on the ring lights when they come into the usa ?
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    Help, please: dubble trubble

    unable to get the downloadable layouts for the flare cutting dvd. what am i doing rong ?
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    anybody know

    what sort of wax or other material did mr. dimas use in the recent video that was posted ? curious to give the stuff a try.
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    lettering practice

    anyone try this ? entire alphabet carved in .7, .5, and .3mm mechanical pencil lead.
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    great vid for newbs

    a bit long, but worth the time
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    anybody know what this is

    curious s heck. what is this device, and what does it do?
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    awesomme watchmaking/engraving

    type" masahiro kikuno" in google. worthy of some time to look at.
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    wriggle cuts

    i'm quite comfortable doing wiggle cuts at a very steep wrist angle. what does a low wrist angle do to the appearance of the cut ? it seems as i would try to lower the wrist angle the danger of a slip increases markedly ! also there would appear to be less pressure to bear into the metal, and...

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