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  1. wowilson

    Texas Gun Collectors Association Show in Denton TX Oct 15-17

    It's always a great show. You'll see guns that you'll never see again.
  2. wowilson

    The Artwork of J.J.Roberts.

    I like that Triumph chopper!
  3. wowilson

    S&W 32 long HE mod 1903 circa 1910 engraving style?

    You are right about the style is what was was done in the late 1800's. But it could really be from anytime after the manufacture of that gun, which is difficult to find because S&W serial numbers. Have you taken the grips off to look for a signature?
  4. wowilson

    S&W 32 long HE mod 1903 circa 1910 engraving style?

    Looks pretty cool. The "Napkin ring" is there to solve the awkwardness of having the scroll flow in two directions. See how it goes left and right?
  5. wowilson

    Question: Anyone recognize this engraving?

    Looking at the B under the microscope. It is deeper on one side like you often see on stampings which makes me think stamp. However there is also a definite "stop" blemish where the bottom loop meets the top. So, I guess what I'm saying is that even after looking at it I'm not 100% sure. I would...
  6. wowilson

    Question: Anyone recognize this engraving?

    Hello all, my customer showed me this Colt 38 Super from his collection. I was impressed with it and thought it was likely done by a professional engraver. There are no obvious signatures or marks, not even under the grips. Do any of you recognize the work? The date of manufacture puts the gun...
  7. wowilson

    Engraved S&W Model 66-2

    I'll be darned...Mr. Bleile is something else.
  8. wowilson

    SP101 Engravability

    Thank you Ed.
  9. wowilson

    SP101 Engravability

    Yeah, GRS tools cut hard metal too. The issue here is cutting hard metal is a bummer, and I'd just soon not.
  10. wowilson

    SP101 Engravability

    I wasn't aware of that list. Thanks
  11. wowilson

    SP101 Engravability

    Hello folks, I have looked online and here in the tips section to try and find if the Ruger SP101 is good to cut or not. All the engraved ones I have seen online look to be laser engraved. Has anybody cut one? What did you think? Thanks
  12. wowilson

    Question: Engraver Identification

    Thanks for looking into it. Whoever engraved it was a competent engraver and I thought maybe might be known. And you’re right about the Ruger logo. That must be why I thought I had seen it somewhere before.
  13. wowilson

    Question: Engraver Identification

    Hello, a customer of mine has asked me to help identify the engraver of this pistol. The work is not relieved and has a cross hatched background. The initials were on the front bottom of the grip frame and look like "SR" Thanks in advance for the help.
  14. wowilson

    Stainless Steel Rings

    Go to lowes and buy some brass fittings and or pipe.
  15. wowilson

    still perplexed

    Break down the problem. Did the image you want print onto you paper? If so you don't have to worry about anything upstream from there. If not then you've got to fix that first. Is the paper (or film) the same that you always use? does it matter what side it gets printed on? Are you using the...
  16. wowilson

    liners in Western bright cut

    I have had good luck by loading up a piece of leather with polishing compound and dragging the tool on the leather.
  17. wowilson

    Yard Crew

    Looks peaceful. Thanks
  18. wowilson

    Recent Engaved Remington Smoot Pistol

    good looking gun. Well done
  19. wowilson

    Garage News: Borchardt underway

  20. wowilson

    Newbie Vise question

    The more of this type of work you do the more you will have to work in strange positions so it doesn't hurt anything to learn it now. It's good to know how to cut uphill and downhill. I do wonder why you would have to tilt a flat piece to engrave it.

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