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  1. Matthew Evans

    Question: Buffalo nickel source

    Anybody got a good source for Buffalo nickels? Not trying to get the collectible or rare years just want to get my feet wet with carving
  2. Matthew Evans

    Question: Draw tongs

    Do you all use anything other than draw tongs for drawing wire? Dipping my toes with drawing gold wire to size and haven’t gotten the hang of it quite yet, curious what y’all’s favorite tool for the job was. Other question, does the “rows and teeth” method of overlay work for wire or am I...
  3. Matthew Evans

    Critique Request Dainty flower

    Trying to find designs that would be easy to engrave in an hour or two for the entry level crowd. Flowers never go out of style but tell me what you think. Semper Augustus: a flower who’s petals were beautiful because of a virus.
  4. Matthew Evans

    Amazing reference for birds
  5. Matthew Evans

    Question: Engraveable watch dials

    I see aftermarket engraving done on watches and am interested in expanding my scope. I’ve done some searching and have fallen short on watch dials good for engraving. I figure start with something desirable like a dial; that doesn’t void warranties and not such a big investment like a luxury...
  6. Matthew Evans

    Question: Website suggestions

    I feel like websites are a step up from social media as far as selling, definitely having both because they have different objectives, but my question is what websites have you guys found useful for yourself? I feel like Etsy doesn’t really set you apart from other handmade jewelry, but in my...
  7. Matthew Evans

    Recommendations for scratch board beginners

    I would say that scratchboard would be a satellite skill if not parallel to engraving. Does anyone have recommendations to start? Got inspired by a prolific designer Any suggestions are welcome. Edit: Looks like a start would be at...
  8. Matthew Evans

    Show and tell

    Show and tell time. I am curious to see what everyone’s practice plates look like, both beginner and expert. I know that it took awhile for me to even be happy with some scratches, but that’s the point, it all takes time. A goal I’ve added for myself is to have a business card practice plate...
  9. Matthew Evans

    Question: Sandblasting or beadblasting

    Good afternoon and I hope everyone is doing well. I was hoping someone out there has had experience with beadblasting steel as preparation for engraving a firearm. At the moment I have stoned and hand sanded my Kimber gold match stainless 2 to a reflective finish with no scrape marks and the...
  10. Matthew Evans

    Question: What’s a day in the life of a professional engraver look like?

    Jokes are welcome too of course, but wanted to revive an old thread of what a day in the life looks like for a full time engraver.
  11. Matthew Evans

    Question: Golden mean calipers

    Anybody enjoy working with golden mean calipers? I know there’s a lot behind them but just curious if anyone uses them in their workflow already before I go and buy an instant regret of 40 bucks.
  12. Matthew Evans

    Critique Request Tiffany money clip

    Thanks for looking and taking time out of your day. This is for a Tiffany makers mark money clip,and I am excited yet cautious to work on a higher quality item for a novice like myself. (Payed for myself, not a commission) This design may be too busy, which is something I’m trying to ease up...
  13. Matthew Evans

    Announcement: Sketch board pro

    If you have wanted something to make drawing on your iPad more comfortable, check out the sketch board pro. This helps drawing feel far more natural all while getting the benefits of digital. I am not affiliated at all and absolutely love mine. Now I can sit on the couch and sketch...
  14. Matthew Evans

    Stippling a GRS handpiece

    Took a cue from gun grips and am experimenting on my handpiece. I want to get a lighter hand grip for accuracy and decided to stipple my GRS monarch. I like the texture so far. I’ll update my findings when I’m finished. Anybody else try something similar?
  15. Matthew Evans

    Question: Benches to purchase

    Any recommendations for jewelers benches to buy that you have yourself? I’ve seen the one on for just engraving and was interested but wanted to put out the feelers for those who have already bought one and like it.
  16. Matthew Evans

    Microscope tilt

    For those that have a turntable and microscope setup, do you have your scope perpendicular to the turntable or have a slight tilt for comfort?
  17. Matthew Evans

    Question: Quotable

    I’m a big fan of, and I know I’m not the only one, of quotable tips or blips when it comes to making art. I’m hopeful you fine folks out there might have some nuggets of advice towards growing outside of your own artistic comfort zone. Just a few examples: -draw super slowly to move into a...
  18. Matthew Evans

    Sketch board pro

    Has anyone bought the sketch board pro for their iPad yet? Just bought mine and excited about receiving it and seeing how much more natural it will feel.
  19. Matthew Evans

    Critique Request Silver charm/ gold inlay

    Spent more time on balancing the design more than I’d like to admit, but made a bamboo charm at my old lady’s request for our anniversary. She likes the simple designs and I had such a hard time resisting more or trying not to complicate it, lol. On next to my first attempt at gold inlay...
  20. Matthew Evans

    Critique Request Finished shading attempt

    Just wanted to say thank you for anyone who teaches, adds to the forum, and especially those who make the engraving videos for those who can't attend classes for whatever reason. I haven't been able to attend a class myself, but this is a finished practice plate for Sam Alfano's shading dvd...

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