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    Need Die Sinker's Chisel .125"?

    I guess Brownells isn't much catering to engraver's any longer? To Many $ in AR's? I'm in need of an 1/8" Die sinker's Chisel for my Metal Prep class. Please recommend a source likely to have in stock? Many thanks, Steven Dodd Hughes
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    One work station remains open for the Metal Finishing Rust Bluing Seminar July 19-23, 2021 and I would love to fill it. I can deeply discount it for a student. If you are interested and available please call me 406-222-9377. Registered students are bringing a vintage single shot, a Ruger 77 and...
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    Summer Custom Gunmaking Seminars

    Classes now forming: Montana Custom Gunmaking Seminars, This is the 9th consecutive year I've been offering these and they just keep getting better. The Metal Finishing Seminar is well suited for engravers interested in doing their own prep and finishing work. I teach all that is needed to...
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    Metal Preparation and Finishing Seminar

    Metal Prep and Bluing Seminar I've been teaching small group private Custom Gunmaking Seminars in my workshop in Livingston, MT for eight years. Stockmaking is the most popular but a few years back I added a Metal Finishing Seminar that I recently realized might be of great benefit to...

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