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  1. Andrew Biggs

    A Bit More Two-Step

    Classic Sam Welch just wonderful
  2. Andrew Biggs

    Critique Request First time ever showing my work

    Hi JB From what I can see you are well on your way. :) Your main cuts are nice and sharp and show good graver control. The background work is well done by being nice and even which is actually quite hard on big areas like you have. Your leaves are well formed and show a great improvement from...
  3. Andrew Biggs

    Critique Request Tiffany money clip

    Hi Matthew You've made a good job of it and the shading is very nice. Some advise.........With something like this where there are only 3 scrolls and being quite large, your scrolls have to be perfect. There is nowhere to hide as they are there for all to see :) No lumps, bumps, flat spots or...
  4. Andrew Biggs

    FEGA Engraver Magazine Photos

    Got them thank you JJ :)
  5. Andrew Biggs

    FEGA Engraver Magazine Photos

    I will need them in the next week or two please. *jpg is preferred and as large as possible. I'll do any downsampling, cropping etc etc :) I can't do anything with postage stamp size files that are out of focus. Photoshop is good, but not that good :) Thank you Marty and the...
  6. Andrew Biggs

    FEGA Engraver Magazine Photos

    Hi Everyone I’m putting together another edition of the FEGA Engraver magazine (Issue # 131) So, if you are a FEGA member and want your work displayed in the around the traps section of the magazine, then please send me through some photos. This is a chance for you to showcase your work and...
  7. Andrew Biggs

    Question: Engraveable watch dials

    Okay, a couple of things.... Yes, you can engrave the watch while it's fully assembled. I have engraved a lot of watches like this. But then again, I'm working directly with the watch maker so anything coming loose is easily fixed. So just do your homework. "On the high end watches, I can’t...
  8. Andrew Biggs

    Question: Engraveable watch dials

    Voiding warranties………..This area is a complete minefield. Depending on the watch manufacturer, if any unauthorised person opens the watch, engraves the watch or otherwise tinkers with the watch………all warranties are voided. The higher end you go, the more likely this is to happen and the more...
  9. Andrew Biggs

    RIP Gianfranco Pedersoli

    That is so sad to hear. His artistry on steel is world class and inspirational as are many of the Italian engravers. I still browse through his book published by Blue Book Publications. He will always be remembered through his work. What a life!!
  10. Andrew Biggs

    War Pony

    Stunning work as usual, Brian
  11. Andrew Biggs

    Question: Sandblasting or beadblasting

    Many years ago I engraved a custom made bolt action rifle that had a very fine sandblasted finish on it. It was a total pain in the backside. It made the surface slightly porous and rusted with fingerprints. Transfers (transparency ink jet) became almost impossible because of the very slight...
  12. Andrew Biggs

    Colt SAA case lid -plaque

    Totally unreal. The artistry, technique and precision is amazing.!!!
  13. Andrew Biggs

    Question: What Drawing Skills Are Needed for Engraving?

    Hi Brennon All good books. The Art of Engraving is almost considered the bible of engraving and has certainly launched many an engraving career, including mine. I brought it second hand at an auction, opened the pages and was completely hooked from that instant onwards. A true treasure of a...
  14. Andrew Biggs

    Question: What Drawing Skills Are Needed for Engraving?

    A very good question indeed :) Pencil and paper are the most simple art materials out there. But they are also the hardest thing to learn how to use. The only problem with videos is that it is incredibly hard to get an overview of what is happing without fast forwarding, backwards and pausing...
  15. Andrew Biggs

    A few recent projects.

    Beautiful work
  16. Andrew Biggs

    SCI 50th Anniversary Project

    Beautiful work, Mike You are the busiest retired person I've ever met :) Cheers Andrew
  17. Andrew Biggs

    Some work of the last few years. Long delays in completing this alongside other work that came in. Turkish walnut grips, and checkered at 55LPI.

    Hi Damien That work is just exquisite!!! Totally mind blowing in every respect. Perhaps send me photos for the FEGA magazine ??? Hope all is good with you and yours and that you are totally settled into the US of A :) Cheers Andrew
  18. Andrew Biggs

    SS Victorinox Multitool

    Don't you just love those "What was I thinking?" jobs :)
  19. Andrew Biggs


    It’s a great little machine for demagnetising gravers as well.
  20. Andrew Biggs

    Pros of procreate and other digital products

    Procreate is awesome. I use it all the time and wouldn’t be with out it. The day Andy Shinowsky demoed it on the forum I was hooked. It is without a doubt the cheapest, most feature packed, intuitive and easy to use drawing program you could ever buy. Even our granddaughter plays with it. You...

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