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  1. dlilazteca

    Brushes help

    Ok, ive found Sam's brushes for pro create, ive seen Mr.Hunt using them on Affinity in vector, but cant find those. I have some for illustrator, but ive been wanting to expand, find new ways to skin a cat. Are the procreate brushes importabe to illustrator and does someone have the affinity...
  2. dlilazteca

    How is this floor prepared for inlay

    Hello everyone it's been awhile since ive posted, but I have a question, vital is doing this work, ive contacted him , he has not replied as of yet. But i wanted to ask you guys how he created the floor for inlay. Here is a picture, i know how to inlay, np just want to knownhownhe did it and why...
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  4. dlilazteca

    engraving 101: how to use a punch

    Thanks for looking. Had a few moments to make this video, Here is info on how to use a punch. enjoy please susbcribe
  5. dlilazteca

    Announcement: poor mans: graver blanks and power hone

    Please read the details for the video, will point you in the right direction. I made this mostly for those that are starting out and do not want to spend the big bucks on graver blanks (they get expensive) and or a power hone. please see other videos and subscribe I hope this helps...

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