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  1. Sam

    RIP Gianfranco Pedersoli

    RIP Gianfranco Pedersoli 1946-2021. One of the world’s great master engravers died yesterday from heart failure. A huge loss for the engraving world.
  2. Sam

    Announcement: Full time hand engraver wanted

    FULL TIME HAND ENGRAVER WANTED - Near Atlanta, GA. Contact Bill Oyster @ Oyster Fly Rods. Bill is a fine fellow, and AWESOME hand engraver and rod builder, and this could be a fantastic opportunity for the right person. He's ready to hire! Oyster Bamboo Fly Rods
  3. Sam

    Remembering Bob Swartley

    What a nice guy he was. Quiet and unassuming and a real gentleman, not to mention a fabulous engraver.
  4. Sam

    24k sheet gold overlay

    From this week’s class showing the process of overlaying 24k sheet gold.
  5. Sam

    This week’s student

    Valentina came from Bogota, Columbia to spend a week in my studio learning new hand engraving techniques. She was originally trained in Italy using old world methods. She did great and was a pleasure to instruct. I love my job!
  6. Sam

    Laser toner transfer discovery

    Not a major discovery, but an important one nonetheless. My Canon ImageClass 1620 with 121 toner transfers weaker than my old Canon printer that used 120 toner. On a hunch I bought an aftermarket toner cartridge on Amazon for $30 (vs $175 for Canon brand) and it prints and transfers beautifully...
  7. Sam

    RIP Jerry Huddleston 1936-2021

    Sorry to hear of Jerry's passing. Heartfelt condolences to his family and many friends. Memory eternal!
  8. Sam

    Pendant kit by Sam

    NOTE: Some design transfer experience is highly recommended. For optimum results you should have an inkjet or laser printer which is capable of copying these design sheets and producing acceptable transfers. The designs are printed on paper and can be transferred to the metal with acetone...
  9. Sam

    Freeform arabesque

    How I killed time with a 5 hour flight delay.
  10. Sam

    Winston Churchill engraved knife

    It’s rare to see photos of Churchill’s engraving much less to find a piece on eBay. The seller did a rush job, took extremely bad photos, and said the engraving could have been done by Lynton McKenzie but couldn‘t confirm it. I grabbed it because I was pretty sure it was Wìnston’s work, despite...
  11. Sam

    Who engraved this?

    Anyone have any idea who did the McKenzie style of engraving on this gun? I'm pretty certain it's not McKenzie's work. A friend sent me these photos and is trying to figure out who engraved it.
  12. Sam

    Coarse grit sharpening?

    Years ago I remember Alexandre Sidorov talking about switching to a coarse grit sharpening from his usual high polish sharpening, and finding that it extended the life of the graver. I also think Sam Welch might have agreed on that and used something similar. I wish I could find that old thread...
  13. Sam


    As stated in the Rules, this is a English-only forum. If you post in a different language it will be deleted. Not because we're mean, but because we don't speak your language and cannot moderate posts we can't read. Cheers, ~Admin
  14. Sam

    Announcement: Deep Relief Engraving Master Class video

    Trailer for my new video Deep Relief Sculpting Master Class. I have a few pre-release DVDs burned and ready to ship. The retail DVDs will be available in a few weeks. The content is the same. The only difference is the packaging. The video includes my practice design that you can transfer and...
  15. Sam

    Coming soon...sculpting video

    This has been in the queue for a long time and it's finally coming to fruition. Deep relief sculpting on a stainless steel pendant. If you've not done sculpting, it's one of the most satisfying forms of hand engraving there is. Details will be made available later. Cheers!
  16. Sam

    Hedcut portraits

    I’ve been getting into hedcut portraits lately. The style was pioneered by one of the Wall Street Journal staff artists and has been used for decades. They use pen and ink. I used my iPad.
  17. Sam

    Graver angle chart by Allen Clapp

    Allen: Many thanks for this handy chart! Much appreciated :)
  18. Sam

    Announcement: GRS special offers

    Expires June 11. Have a look
  19. Sam

    Announcement: My new video ADVANCED SHADING Master Class

    Pre-release copies available now. Retail packaged copies in a few weeks. Streaming version coming ASAP. Available at
  20. Sam

    Announcement: All Pledge Membership auto-renew subscriptions cancelled

    I have cancelled all recurring subscriptions for Pledge Members. This means it will not renew automatically. It doesn't affect your membership. Thanks for all who are supporting this great archive and forum.

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