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  1. Leonardo

    Announcement: Diffused LED ring light - New release.

    Hi all! The old thread about this illuminator has more than 14,000 views! Awesome! I think that this shows how concerned are you all engravers about the quality of the light needed for so detailed kind of work and I want to THANK YOU all for your interest in my development. I finished the...
  2. Leonardo

    Announcement: NEW LED Diffused Ring Light. No more glare, distracting hotspots and streaks of light

    Hi all! I am opening this thread to announce my latest and patent pending development that is a LED diffused ring light illuminator. Problems with the LED ring lights and critics about their glare, distracting hotspots and streaks of light have been discussed in older threads of this forum. At...
  3. Leonardo

    Guilloché, "classic" and English Fine Scroll engraved by Artesà machine.

    Hi all! Just want to show you some watch parts samples engraved with my machine. The rotor's brass part radius is 10 mm. The watch's back is 316L SS. I added a better picture of the bridge I showed in other thread. It's diameter is 36 mm. Hope you like them! Leonardo
  4. Leonardo

    The BIG jewel on that movement.

    Well, this is the Josep work of art!:yes He have been working on it (on and off) along the last 18 years doing the gold work as well as Jordi with the engravings. They told me that this piece will represent the "Explorer Spirit" by means of different figures being the ship the most important...
  5. Leonardo

    Would you like to move something?

    Hi all! First, I know that this development might be out off topic in this forum but, because its application I think that it would be interesting for some of you. Furthermore, I feel myself among friends here and I like sharing things with you. I was commissioned by Josep, who is Jordi's...
  6. Leonardo

    How to DRAW scrolls with CorelDraw!

    Hi all! First, I would like to said that I do not want to start a software war but I saw some interest in the CAD’s program in the last threads and specially in the Marcus Hunt thread where we talk a bit about Illustrator and CorelDraw. Today I was quite disappointed (with the economic...
  7. Leonardo

    Burin tip cutting area graphical analysis.

    Hi all! I think that these grids would be useful to see more clear the relationship between the wide and the deep of the cuts. It is obviously that the more depth the more width but it is interesting to see these magnitudes related in a graphic and the area that the burin will be removing in...
  8. Leonardo

    Do you know the TAGUA seed?

    Same days a go a friend gave me this seed to make it a try. It is a seed of a Tagua palm tree also called "vegetal ivory". Extremely hard for being a vegetable but easy workable with common tools. I cut it with a metal handsaw and then was sanded and polished before engraving. I made this...

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