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    Animal to engrave.

    This is a WOLF.
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    Question for advanced members.

    In the photo below, How do you think the breach was formed? Was this a silver soldered on overlay and then sculped or was it sculpted down from the barrel forging without an overlay? I would like some feedback from Sam Alfano, Mike Dubber or Sam welch as well as others please.
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    just a test,

    Just testing my web hosting but you might enjoy this. This is not a very good photo.
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    Platinum. overlays

    Question. How good does platinum take teeth. Like single teeth for overlays?
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    This stuff has a fairly short shelf life HUH?
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    Shaping Gravers for special use?

    I need to bend a graver for special use . I think Glensteel gravers are HHS and do not know if they can be bent and hardened and re tempered. Or do I need to buy some carbon steel for this purpose? Help.
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    Need info

    Has any of you engravers ever had a gun with copper inlays case hardened? If so what was the effect on the copper inlays??
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    How do you delete a for sale add????
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    Question: WAX ?

    What is the best gun wax to protect engraving?
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    Any mistake can be fixed

    I keep hearing some say the phrase "one slip and the engraving is ruined forever" or similar phrases. I have never seen a mistake that could not be corrected in a short time. It is just a matter of learning how.
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    Practice Plate Portrait.

    Fire away.
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    Bank note portrait graver.

    I have been buying and studying bank note portraits. The cuts on bank note style engraving seems t ohave been done with some sort of onglet as apposed t oa square graver. Can anybody enlighten me on this. I read a discussion involving Berry Lee Hands about this but it was never decided. Bank...
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    Bolino Portrait technique questios

    I am trying to hone my skills at portrait engraving. One of the best at this outside of the currency engravers is Phil Coggan. Im sure Sam and Lee Griffith are also some of the best. I have heard Phil coggan state that he does not sand back at all. I can't say that about the others. I...
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    Question for those with experience.

    I am planing to engrave a special project. It will most likely take me a year to do. It is a spec gun. A colt revolver percussion type. I have three options on the gun. One is to do a reproduction. The other is a second generation colt. the other is a first generation colt. I really don't...

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