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  1. mitch

    Compass for scribing

    the 2" Starretts are what you really want, but they stopped making them years ago. good ones go for $75-$100, if you can find 'em.
  2. mitch

    A Bit More Two-Step

    Very nice, Sam! Looking at these closeups I never realized how much your shading is more of a banknote style, with a lot of very fine lines of a consistent width, not tapered or flared from one end to the other. I had a client request that a few years ago, which gave me a reason to really...
  3. mitch

    Workable Fixative

    Yeah, many years ago and never thought it worked very well. As I remember, it tended to flake and take the drawing with it. Went back to the occasional use of Chinese White and in recent years have had some luck with damar varnish. It's hard to apply in a smooth coat, but takes a good pencil...
  4. mitch

    Question: how old are these gravers

    I also knew a guy in Denver who did the plates for 'real engraved' (which was mostly what we'd call etched) stationery. It was an interesting process. IIRC, he used Jane's Ground, which was a reddish brown lacquer on Cronite steel plates. He had a tall Cronite Zero-Point(?) pantograph which...
  5. mitch

    How to undercut a small circle and a few other newbie questions...

    There's really not any special "secret trick" for this sort of inlaying (at least not that I know of and there aren't many tricks I don't know!). Other than putting the undercuts directly opposite each other in the sides of the hole, so the inlay is trapped between them, instead of slipping out...
  6. mitch

    Cherishing milestones

    You're on the way. May you enjoy many more moments of "Hey, I did that!".
  7. mitch

    How to undercut a small circle and a few other newbie questions...

    It depends on how big a circle or dot, and how hard the metals are that you're engraving & inlaying. With a small circle or dot in soft steel with 24k gold, a few tiny undercuts with a sharp punch (like a needle point) is enough. With harder base metals (that will blunt the end of the punch)...
  8. mitch

    ColtSAA photo overflow..

    Exquisite! Will it be blued or?
  9. mitch

    Colt SAA cased

    In the TV show "Mad Men", the main character is Don Draper, the creative director for a Madison Ave advertising firm, circa 1960. Then-wife & I were watching one evening and Draper is just lying on the couch is his office, staring at the ceiling. I observed that a lot of valuable work gets...
  10. mitch

    Colt SAA cased

    as someone with somewhat of an engineering background, the technical aspects of the design & construction make it that much more special than if it were just beautifully carved out of eight joined sections of solid wood. really outstanding, sir! I love that process of staring blankly into...
  11. mitch

    Colt SAA cased

    Spectacular, Damien. And I don't see where there would be any advantage to using CNC on something with that many complex curves, especially if you were only going to make one. It would take longer to draw in a CAD program than to shape by hand, and you'd still end up having to do a ton of...
  12. mitch

    What are these engraved letters?

    "FFH" definitely.
  13. mitch


    1/4mm is still almost 0.010", which sounds tiny, but by graver heel standards is still pretty big. mine are probably half that long and for tight work such as lettering, even shorter. you also need to lean the graver to the outside of a curve- the exact, and somewhat counterintuitive, opposite...
  14. mitch

    Stipple shaddinf

    that's a puzzler. you could use a brass/copper polish, but that would probably remove whatever oxidation you just put in the cuts to darken them. maybe some fine, 800 grit or higher, compound on a toothbrush?
  15. mitch

    Help with gravermax

    the curious part is that it WILL come back on, if only for a moment, when you plug it back in, so it's not a fuse or breaker. if it was a car your mechanic would just plug in the OBDII and say, "Well, there's yer problem, right there. Your blinker fluid is low and that's causing static to build...
  16. mitch

    Critique Request Elephant(progress)

    if you're going to cut any outlines, they should be very fine and only used where you'll be shading to black on one side. outlines can be useful for sharply defining edges, but they shouldn't stand out. deepen the shadows around the tusks, trunk, etc., and the lines will disappear.
  17. mitch

    Help with gravermax

    Define "cuts off", please. Does the motor, or whole machine, shut off? Or can you hear it running, but the pulsed airflow quits and the handpiece won't work? I assume by "unplug then replug" you mean the electrical plug in the wall outlet?
  18. mitch

    Limestone morning glory garland

    I gotta ask: What's with the newspaper hat? Is that a tradition in your craft?
  19. mitch

    SCI 2022 Auction Rifle

    They're also known as "timed" or "indexed" screws and their orientation is sometimes described as "north-south" with slots running parallel to the bore, but I've never heard "east-west" used for vertical alignment like Mike shows in his photo. When you think about it, "north-south" is a little...
  20. mitch

    Need a custom carved moonstone

    Yes, that's him, thanks J.J. Am I thinking of the right guy doing the cameos?

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