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  1. mitch

    For the man who has everything...

    ...and needs another place to put it. The Purdey gun safe.
  2. mitch

    Well now you know...

    From Peter Mayle's ("A Year In Provence") book on the cuisine of France, "French Lessons":
  3. mitch

    Website domain name for sale

    Hi Everyone- I just got an email from someone looking to sell the domain name "NorthCarolinaEngraving[dot]com". Their asking price is currently $350. I'm not interested, but would be glad to forward the info to anyone who might be.
  4. mitch

    Wire drawing cheat sheet

    i was so meticulous in my younger days. sigh...
  5. mitch

    Corel Draw

    I have an extremely limited need for Corel Draw, but it's an ongoing application, not a one-time thing that someone can do for me. I've been told that a license may be used for two devices/computers. Anybody care to go in on a copy? Or is there some way to get a legit version without shelling...
  6. mitch

    new wildlife thread

    In addition to the ubiquitous ursine population, early yesterday morning I watched seven whitetail bucks cross the street in front of my house. Unfortunately it was still too dark for photos.
  7. mitch

    Why do I suspect a Cafe member did this?
  8. mitch

    New Damascus Purdey

    with pretty much damascus steel everything...
  9. mitch

    120 chips MUCH SHARPER than 90s

    Anybody else ever notice this phenomenon? I used 90deg square gravers almost exclusively for about 35 yrs, and during that time I might have stuck a chip in my finger a couple times a year. It virtually never happened. I used to walk around my workshop barefoot in the warmer months without a...
  10. mitch

    Design suggestions?

    I have a client with a pair of pistols who wants them engraved in a "darker style bad dream and a more whimsical style good dream". Seems simple enough, right? Except he wants these themes depicted or evoked in all scroll, without resorting to 'cheating' by weaving in demons, dragons, skulls...
  11. mitch

    Fracassi in the news

    in Brescia, so perhaps a relative?
  12. mitch

    Note to owners of "American Engravers III"...

    I just pulled out my copy for the first time in a few years to look at something a client wanted me to see and a LOT of pages were stuck together. Not horrible, mostly right along the edges, and not too tenaciously so they parted with little or no damage. I'd recommend pulling out your copy...
  13. mitch

    Fixturing tip

    As many of you know, I'm a big proponent of fixturing parts on cylindrical blocks of wood. They allow an almost infinite degree of rotation, while providing parallel opposing surfaces for clamping securely in the vise. For smaller parts, hardwood dowels are handy, but they can be difficult to...
  14. mitch

    Best way/place to sell Hagn action?

    I don't know if there's any official proscription against selling an actual firearm and/or part thereof on the Cafe, but this seems not quite the right place in any event. Anyway, many years ago I acquired a Hagn falling block single-shot action with the intent of building a rifle* (I was going...
  15. mitch

    Treasures from my parents' basement

    I recently visited my parents who have lived in the same house I grew up in since 1962. Whenever I'm there I try to spend some time cleaning out a bit of the accumulated detritus. It's actually not too bad compared to some horror stories I've heard from friends and when they eventually move...
  16. mitch

  17. mitch

    anybody looking for an etching press?

    there's one for sale on the Asheville area neighborhood site. if you don't live here you probably can't access that, but i would be glad to pass along contact info from any interested parties.
  18. mitch

    no comment...
  19. mitch

    Good, inexpensive, engraveable knife?

    A friend/neighbor has two teenage sons and her husband is getting them into the whole huntin', shootin', n fishin' thang (which I wholeheartedly applaud!). I've offered to engrave their initials/monograms on good, solid, usable pocket knives for Christmas presents. Any suggestions for this...
  20. mitch

    Building your own vise?

    Precision self-centering vises on sale at for $130. Good for a ball or pedestal...

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