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    A fun diversion

    Sometimes things just develop and you have to run with it. As a bit of a background,there was back in the late 1800’s a famous gundhop in Dursngo, colorado called the Colorado Armory. It was run by the famous gunmaker George Freund. He is famous for many unique gun patents. A frirnd of mine...

    working while staying at home

    I hope everyone is staying safe, healthy an smart during these trying times. I know while stuck at home here in Colorado I am getting a good deal of engraving accomplished. I am assuming so are my fellow forum members. So I thought as a way to stay in touch with reality and keeping in touch it...

    Elk scene

    Hope everyone has been having a good holiday so far. It's been a while since I've posted anything so I figured it's about time I sent along a scene I just finished on an 1876 Winchester. The gun will have 5 scenes in total an sort of tells a hunt story. Hopefully I will have it done it time for...

    That time of year again DENVER GUN SHOW

    Greetings all next weekend is the annual Colorado Gun Collectors Gun Show in Denver i will be set up at my usual location I know Samantha Cherry will be there also Not sure whom else but it will be fun as usual with some great guns at a 1000 table show Just started engraving on a 1876...

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