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    Issue 130 of The Engraver

    FEGA's The Engraver magazine is always high quality publication. A heads up. Issue 130 is really outstanding. For those of us who are lucky enough to receive it, a feast for the eyes and brain. Wonderful engraving, photography, articles and composition. Congratulations to all the contributors...
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    Happy Father's Day

    Happy Father's Day to all the guy's who are Dad's, or take on the part. And also to the wonderful women that fill two duties.
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    John Rohner and President's Flag Day

    Hello Friends. Just a thought.... When we put our flag out today let us also honor John Rhoner and his Marine Corp service.
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    Happy New Year

    Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year to the Cafe and all members. May your graves stay sharp and go where intended. :)
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    What has gone wrong with the Cafe?

    It is now hard to open and find the latest posts. Or is it just my crazy computer??
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    Many Happy Returns

    Happy birthday to our hosts, Sam Alfano and our forum moderator Monk. Thank you for making this happy meeting place for us all. Hope you both enjoy some wonderful birthday treats today and always.
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    Mother's Day

    Ladies, it's your special day! Have a great one! Wishing all the ladies of the Cafe and the engraving world a wonderful, happy and healthy Mother's Day.
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    Help please.

    I have a copy of Sam's new Flair Cutting CD. Can someone point out how to download and print out the practice sheets of transfers, please PS. It's a terrific video.
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    Safe journey.

    Wishing everyone a safe and happy trip to the FEGA show in Las Vegas. Hope you enjoy the world class engraving and wonderful friendships.
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    Welcome 2020 !

    Wishing The Engravers Cafe and all it's members and friends a long and happy, healthy and prosperous life. Long may the Cafe live to welcome all its friends. Thank you for this wonderful engraving forum Sam and Abigail. And Monk for his moderating.
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    Mother's Day 2019

    Wishing all the mothers and ladies of the Cafe a happy, healthy Mother's Day.
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    News, Problem for California firearms engravers.

    Because the Cafe does not allow political discussion please see the FEGA forum if you are interested in this matter. California is proposing Assembly Bill 1064 which forbids the holding of a FFL license in a home or residence. As we know, most firearms engravers work out of their home. AB 1064...
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    Safe travel

    Wishing a safe journey to all Cafe members and other making the trip to the Firearms Engravers Show this week. Have a wonderful, enjoyable visit with your friends. See some outstanding engraving and a safe trip home.
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    Happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

    Wishing all our members, friends and guests a wonderful 2019.
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    Veterans Day

    Thank you to all our serving and veteran members, both Military and Law enforcement. Very grateful to their dedicated families who also sacrifice. Thank you for all for your service. And a special remembrance to Ken Hurst and his family, our recently departed service member
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    Question: Kimber K6s

    Kimber K6s engravability? Your input is appreciated.
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    Lucky Students

    Best wishes to all the lucky students taking Sam Alfano's iPad and Drawing Class starting on Monday, 10/22/18. We will all look forward to seeing some of your designs posted on the forum when you have time.
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    Question: PM's

    Is anyone else having problems with PM's within the Buy Sell section? I made an offer to buy a book from S. Didyoung. His message to me said that he had sent me an invoice. But none received. My two PM's to him through this forum came back saying it was a No Reply site. Is this a bug with the...
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    Announcement: A Great Engraver Honored.

    Diane Scalese has been elected to The Cowgirl Hall of Fame!! Congratulations Lady Diane, well deserved and way- to- go. Diane has been, and continues to be a teacher and mentor to so many up and coming engravers and lovers of the American Western lifestyle. Please join me in congratulating her...

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