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  1. ByrnBucks

    Cherishing milestones

    Hello gentlemen, This is a design by Sam Alfano so I realize its significantly easier standing on the shoulders of masters. Never the less this plate was a delight to engrave, It was the first time I confidently cut every line, didn’t hesitate or stress before beginning each cut. I ”to an...
  2. ByrnBucks

    Critique Request Sam’s Pendant kit design

    Good day gentlemen, Thought I’d try this on a practice plate first as it felt a bit out of my league. Sam’s layout and shading are amazing, I tried to follow the leader if you will and for some reason it doesn’t look like the picture haha :) But I was wondering if this is at least coherent. Lot...
  3. ByrnBucks

    Question: What to Charge?

    Hello Gentleman, As I am still in my infancy of this art but strive to one day take on projects in my free time, I’m having trouble determining the value of this piece a co-worker requested. I believe to know the importance of getting some of my work out into the world and forming relationships...
  4. ByrnBucks

    Critique Request First practice plate :)

    Hello gentlemen, I finally finished cobbling together a make shift amateur work bench. The crown jewel being a GRS Gravermax G8, the rest of the setup consists of a cheap microscope rigged to a workable, A knock off block and the final piece arrived yesterday a pottery banding wheel set atop a...
  5. ByrnBucks

    Critique Request Thanks to Sam’s new DVD for beginners

    Thanks to Sam, for making his new DVD for beginners. It felt like I was a student in his classroom and seeing and hearing someone cut was eye opening. Someone not to long ago said “a good design done poorly is better than a bad design done well”. As I am lacking on my drawing skills I didn’t...
  6. ByrnBucks

    Question: Oil filter for air compressor

    Hello there, hope everyone is well. I am waiting on a GRS GraverMax G8 and just discovered the oil-free air requirement. I have a 20 gallon Campbell Hausfeld compressor that of course has oil. Certainly this problem has been addressed before by you fine gentleman and I just want to be absolutely...
  7. ByrnBucks

    Announcement: It isn’t much but my first commissioned piece

    Hello everyone, I have desire to share this “very simple beginning“ with the this warm and welcoming group of people. As I am sure everyone here had too start somewhere and had to feel an overwhelming since of relief and pride to finally go out on a limb “if only inches off the ground” and...
  8. ByrnBucks

    New member seeking critiquing or advise.

    I have been on a lone journey into the world of engraving. I’ve been practicing in some form over the past two years but only began using a proper graver in April of this year. I am using the Lindsay sharping system, a 5$ wooden handle, a rotating ball vise, and magnifying headset. My only...

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