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  1. Dean

    Critique Request First Revolver Attempt

    I have a friend that had a Taurus 22mag that he told me to practice on and do what ever I wanted. Here are a couple of photos of what I did. I see many many things I would do different, and there are probably more that I don’t see. Overall though I am pleased with the way it came out and he was...
  2. Dean

    Question: Critique, and Suggestions Please

    Just finished a little scroll design on this Corby knife guard. Tried to get a decent photo but I am most certainly not a photographer. Any suggestions would be helpful, and I have a hard time deciding how deep to cut... Thank you all
  3. Dean

    New Look

    Sam the new look is very nice looking.
  4. Dean

    My first commissioned piece

    Well I finally got around to doing something of value, this is my first commissioned piece. I was asked to do this Corby knife and as nervous as I was about messing it up I went for it. I am pleased at the way it came out, customer is pleased, even though I see many things to do better, gotta...
  5. Dean

    Happy Father’s Day

    Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there.
  6. Dean

    Question: Any way to know who engraved this ?

    Hello everyone , I bought this at an estate sale for a couple of dollars to use as a reference piece. I can not see any markings showing the type of gun it is from, or any markings that would help with identifying the engraver. Anyone recognize the style, it would be interesting to know who...
  7. Dean

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, enjoy the day.
  8. Dean

    Reviews of I Pad Pro 3rd generation 12.9 protective cases

    I am looking for reviews from those that have a case to protect there I Pad Pros, which case is considered to be the best case for the 3rd Generation 12.9 iPad Pro which I just got. And do the protective screen covers that come with them cause an issue with drawing , using the procreate app...
  9. Dean

    New affordable vise stand

    First, a big thank you to Jesse Kaufman for his posting of making and affordable vise stand here.. Thanks Jesse. ( ) After watching it I decide to make one with one modification, I went to Harbor Freight and purchased this grinder vise stand...
  10. Dean

    Practice Plate for review

    Hello, as I follow the forums I see where many new engravers post some of their work. Well here is a practice plate I did today, I know there are a lot of mistakes but I figured I would post it and get some pointers.
  11. Dean

    Paris Museum

    Just got back from our 3 week alpine tour , through Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and France, very beautiful. Austria and Switzerland were by far my favorite places. Met some new friends in Austria Tom and his wife Rita, we had a GREAT day with them, they are truly great people and Tom...

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