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    Help with image transfers

    Hi, I have tried several laser printers around the office and even went to Staples to use theirs, but none of them work with the acetone transfer method. It seems that whatever is used for the toner, it does not dissolve with the acetone. I've also tried a few different ways to use my inkjet...
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    Ball vise for hammer & chisel?

    Does a basic ball vise work for hammer & chisel? What keeps it from spinning while you are working, since with H&C you don't have one hand on the vice like you do when using pneumatic or push? Thanks
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    Help with tight hammer and chisel cuts

    Hi, When cutting tight radii, small spirals and volutes, etc. should the chisel be rolled one way or the other, or should it be held straight without any cant to the inside or outside? I've been trying all three ways with mixed results, and can't tell which is the proper way. Thanks.
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    Trouble with laser printer transfers

    Is anyone else having trouble finding a modern printer that will work for acetone transfers? I've been trying printers at work, and even at Staples, and none of them are working with the acetone. Seems the print is indelible, even when the acetone is applied directly.
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    A few questions from a beginner

    Hello, I'm new here, been using the forum as a resource for some time and figured it was time to join. A few years back I got into building longrifles- the 18th century muzzleloader kind. Of course those often feature engraving, and so while my goal has not been to become a master engraver, I...

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