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  1. Hora

    Critique Request English scroll strugle

    I am trying to cut English scrolls, guided by the book and DVD of Marcus Hunt. So far I discovered for myself that I must use different gravers for the ringing and for the inside-work and I still must re-sharpen a lot. The cutting is in 400 material. The whole engraving is 18mm by 10mm. The...
  2. Hora

    14K golden ring

    Finally I found some time to engrave a 14K golden ring. Size 20mm, 5 mm wide and 1.4 mm thick. The pattern used I studied from Marcus Hunt “English Fine Scroll” DVD and book. Simple in design but hard to master. One of the most difficult things cutting was the 2 lines following the outsides of...
  3. Hora

    Help, please: request for Surinam engravers

    For the coming year a entered a overseas assignment in Surinam, located on the northern shores of South America for “the other jobâ€￾. It would be fun if I could meet up with somebody in this country that is infected with the engraving virus. Until now I could not find anybody with the same...
  4. Hora

    Question: The greatest

    In the past few months I have read many books about famous and fabulous engravers. But, not all of them fit my taste and others are completely inspiring. Although some of the great engravers are no longer amongst us, they are remembered and admired for their art. Luckily many of the great are...
  5. Hora

    Critique Request First drawing results

    Here are my first drawing results after the lessons from Sam. I the first one I was just trying to get as much layers in a drawing as I could. The second drawing I’ve made to engrave. I would appreciate your comments to the sketches.
  6. Hora

    Another transfer method

    During my drawing classes with Sam, he demonstrated a transfer method I'd like to share ( with Sam’s permission! ). Transfer with acetate film, wax and carbon. 1. Preparea design for real size. Beware of the mirror image imprint later on. Place the design under a clear acetate...
  7. Hora

    FEGA Reno 2011 Hora's Photo's

    I am just at home from Reno. All flights were as planned. Little bid bumpy here and there but a slept well in the plane as I had a row to my self. I want to thank you all you who were there for making this weekend unforgettable for me.:tiphat: As Rod Cameron promised in his thread I have...
  8. Hora

    Manhattan Ornaments

    During the stopover in New York on my back trip home I remembered the words of Rod suggesting a tour ‘d Europe for ornaments and the like. Manhattan is an old City too, (New Amsterdam!) and littered with ornaments of long forgotten years on a lot of buildings. I have captured a number of them...
  9. Hora

    The next transfer solution . . .

    The next transfer solution . . . I kept on paining my brains about transferring design onto metal. In this 21st century it should be possible to do this easy and cheap. Well . . . The next idea I came up with after a good nights sleep. I sanded a piece of metal and sprayed it with a...
  10. Hora

    Pictures Grand Masters Program 2010

    I have uploaded my pictures that I made in Emporia during the Grand Masters Program.:yes Follow the link to Picasa. There are 122 pictures to see. Have fun! The uploaded pictures are small size. If you want some of...
  11. Hora

    Critique Request English scroll work

    This is my first complete attempt into English scroll work as I have understood from Rex. Rex did a demonstration of this technique during the Grand Masters Program 2010. :thumbs up: I see in the sketch that not every scroll is an precise replica of the others but the overall feeling pleases...

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