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    Critique Request Knife guard scroll design

    Hello folks! after my previous drawing I posted it was back to the drawing board, literally. I think I was too happy with the fact that I was able to complete some kind of design and therefore didn’t see how mediocre it actually was. also I think that something was holding me back when drawing...
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    Critique Request First scroll design, I would really appreciate your advice/critique/opinions

    Hello everyone, I want to show my first scroll design, I’ve been practicing and studying scrolls in my free time the past couple weeks. its still really challenging tho, this one is really simple but for my first I’m pretty pleased with the results. please let me know what you think. - Thomas...
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    Critique Request I would appreciate your opinions and critique

    Hello all, I wanted to show one of my first practice plates, at least my first practice plate where I feel it’s completed ? this is still one of my very first engravings. Please don’t hold back on the tips and advise. And yes I’m already planning to go to st Petersburg when times get a bit...
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    New forum member!

    Hello everyone, I just signed up and would like to start with a proper introduction. My name is Thomas van Lanen, and I’m from the Netherlands, I’m 29 and work full time as truck driver delivering and placing beds. I also have been making blades for about 4 or 5 years, on and off, but really...

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