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  1. rmgreen

    Work Flow

    What is the work sequence from beginning to finished project? Assuming that the project is properly polished and the design phase has been completed. The design transferred to the work piece. The project contains various operations: metal inlay, scroll, relief, shading/detailing, bulino...
  2. rmgreen

    Cleaning old Engraving

    I have on the bench a Browning Superposed Diana grade (French Greyed Receiver, forend iron) 1974 vintage. The engraving is sharp but the background is dark with crud and has some light air rust discoloration. No noticeable pitting. I would like to clean and restore the original engraving and...
  3. rmgreen

    Stipple Point

    I am sure many have thought and do this but have not seen it posted. I use either HSS(cobalt) or Carbide rounds of 1/16, 3/32 and 1/8 " for stipple points. I chuck them in a battery run drill grind a relief angle of "approx"(eyeball!) 5-10 degrees then a point of "approx" 45-60 degrees. I set...
  4. rmgreen

    ? Drop shadows

    In creating drop shadows relative to lettering. Some are simple single cut lines others are larger. My question is with the larger. Are they made by cutting several lines, stippled, recessed stippled/textured to give the appearance of a shadow. I am assuming the use of a darkening agent such...
  5. rmgreen

    GraveMach AT Problems

    I went on vacation. Just started my Graver Mack AT. Palm control 1&2 worked fine before now neither work? Foot throttle works fine. Any idea of a fix w/o sending unit in?
  6. rmgreen

    Vector Programs

    I am upgrading my PC (Windows Operating System). I have on my old PC CS3 Adobe Illustrator and used it. I only use a very small part of Adobe Illustrator. The normal work I do with this program is to scan in a design for printing out transfers of paper/transparencies. Layout lettering and...
  7. rmgreen

    AT sensitivity

    I recognize that GRS has sensitivity caps for there AT gravers and that 1 dot is more sensitive than 3 dots caps. I was wondering if there is a way to make even the 1 dot cap more sensitive. Machine adjustment??? or ????
  8. rmgreen

    Help with Foot Throttle

    I have not used the foot pedal for about 4-5 months. It worked fine the last time I used it. I am trying to hook up the Maestro EX to a Gravermach AT #1 left side air supply to do some stippling. The foot pedal is leaking air. I have gone on GRS web site and followed directions for alignment...
  9. rmgreen

    Engraver's Name?

    I can not remember the name/contact info of an engraver who also works at Browning works in MO. A few years back he or someone posted about side plates on Browning Superposed shotguns. Help.
  10. rmgreen

    FEGA -The Engraver - issue 127

    Article by C. Roger Bleile - John Rohner the Legend. Most outstanding article honoring those who made a path forward for bespoke firearms of "Best Grade". A must read. Thanks Andrew for another issue of outstanding merit.
  11. rmgreen

    Help with identity of engraver and stockmaker.

    Purdey bolt action 30-06 rifle shipped to W.C. Fields 1959. No identifying marks as to engraver. Stockmakers initials are "B.J.". Any help would be appreciated.
  12. rmgreen


    I have seen at least one post as it regards scissor used in cutting out precious metal for inlays. I think "Mitch" made a recommendation of a brand/size etc. I have made several searches but come up empty.
  13. rmgreen

    Rust-Oleum Flat Black

    Just realized that Rust-Oleum flat black MUST be well mixed. I had simply been shaking the can for 1-2min thinking that this would mix the "flat" into the black well enough. WRONG - What you get doing it this way is varying forms of semi-gloss and not the flat black black we all want...
  14. rmgreen


    I was looking to buy some Silver Charms to engrave for family/friends for Christmas. Found on Hoover and Strong what I was looking for but do not know what kind of Silver I should use. They offer various shaped Charms in: Sterling Silver, Fine Silver and True Silver. They offer White Gold...
  15. rmgreen

    Parker Restoration

    I am in need of someone to make the wiggle cut border on the forend Iron of a VH grade Parker restoration. Please answer by PM.

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