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  1. percman48

    Pigment inks vs dye inks for transferring patterns onto metal with inkjet print

    Thank you for sharing the information about the eco-tank. I have one of those too but have not been successful using the factory supplied ink. What I have determined that may be a help tp all is that whenever I have completed creating an ink transfer, I remove my ink cartridge and cover the ink...
  2. percman48

    Using EPSON Ultrabrite ink for copies

    Weather ultra bright or standard ink jet cartridges - if you don’t use them much, the ink dries and renders the cartridge unuable. When ink cartridges are new, the business end is covered with clear tape. I have been removing my ink cartridge following every transfer orint and covering the head...
  3. percman48

    Engraving Uberti 1866

    Thank you all for your perspectives on this one. I have been building nuzzle loading rifles and pistols for about 15 years. With each step in my journey I am learning something new. Wish I would have started much earlier in life. And about that black powder through this lever gun: might. Be...
  4. percman48

    Engraving Uberti 1866

    I am getting ready to start work on an Uberti 1866. The Brass receiver will most likely receive the most work. Just because it is brass doesn’t mean that it will be easy. I am certain that I am not the first. That is why I am asking others about their experience with this piece. Your comments...
  5. percman48

    Need help (inkjet)

    I am using a HP Envoy 5540. I only have one of the two ink cartridges installed. It doesn’t get much use. It requires a No. 62 ink cartridge. This is a “color-fast” ink. Claria ink printers will not work. Because this printer is used infrequently, seems like every time I try to use it I get...

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