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    Ornaments explained

    that was amazing thank you so very much. one of the best 20 minuets i have spent in a long time. ok that's a lie lol. I stopped and started that so many times.
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    pittsburgh pa

    pittsburgh pa
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    Progress Pic Mandarin Duck

    lol I bet it was. I just keep shaking my head every time I look at it I giggle the same word every time D U S T lol. it's just D U S T. now anyone that is reading this for the first time. yeah, it's just D U S T and hours and hours and hours of work
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    Progress Pic Mandarin Duck

    again, I woke this morning and even before I ran to the B/R this duck was on my mind, again..... first off, I want to apologize for inferring it was ever a blob. my intent was never to insult or inaccurately describe it. in no way am I attempting to insult these grains of dust. this is the...
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    Progress Pic Mandarin Duck

    I know I'm just no one that has the right to an opinion in here B U T, I swear yesterday I was having breakfast and this duck came to mind and I can't believe.... here it is. it's simply beautiful. thank you. I remember the first blob when it started and wondering where it was headed
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    Announcement: Here is a crazy idea for the younger more energized members out there

    today on a popular market for used things for sale I found an old potter's wheel. as I looked at it the more possibilities came to mind. then again, my mind is a little twisted. I could see someone welding an old automobile rotor to the center post. cover it with some plate metal. it could make...
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    Happy New Year!!

    happy and more importantly health new year to all. this weather is goofy, I'm in Pittsburgh and its 50 above and raining all day. I miss the snow to but I'm not complaining either.....
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    Does anyone remember Sid Bell?

    thank you, john, what a pitcher you paint with words. I'm just a beginner but would love to see this. I also understand life's hurdles. I am sure I don't stand alone in wishing I could see such brilliance at work, but then again it wouldn't be the first time I stood alone
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    Texas Two Step

    my god..... aaaaaaa. as you see it the music just starts playing in my head and as someone else said the elephant stepping out into the scrolling as if to say "I'm here, where is the party" amazing nothing less than amazing..., ...
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    Help, please: old gravermeister advice

    thanks john. I just updated my bio, but I am sure I should go back and update it more. for the record I'm from Pittsburgh, pa. I am on the gast site trying to find some more info on the pump now. it looks like I have found some useful info from there. the vanes should be replaced when they are...
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    hi all i am from Pittsburgh, pa

    hi all i am from Pittsburgh, pa
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    Pittsburgh, pa

    Pittsburgh, pa
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    Pittsburgh, pa

    Pittsburgh, pa
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    Help, please: old gravermeister advice

    thank you samw and john but I'm not sure the congrates are in order at this point. I wish I knew more about how this is supposed to work. the only thing I do know is it isn't supposed to work like it is now. is that because I am trying to mickey mouse a hand piece for it. is it because I...
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    Help, please: old gravermeister advice

    these are the after pics. please if I am gumming up the site by posting so many of these pics, just tell me to stop. I took all these pics just in case I ran into someone that didn't believe I checked it out top to bottom. correction, I didn't regrease the bearings for the arbor but in my...
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    Help, please: old gravermeister advice

    john I took pics of every step of the procedure except putting it back together. I didn't know if there would be a following for this. I would be happy to post a how to fix your gm. when aventuraal [I hope I spelled that correct] said it wasn't that hard to do. he wasn't kidding. I believe a...
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    gravers for about 5 cents

    aaa man, I have to buy a forge too. will it never end. will it ever end lol
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    Help, please: old gravermeister advice

    grrr I did it again. my apologies but it's the first time I have tried to post pics. I don't quite get it yet.
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    Help, please: old gravermeister advice

    there it is, exactly. thank you again aventuraal. I was on Gasts web site yesterday thanks to john. I couldn't find the right pump, but it explained the way this works and the kiss principle that was used made me giggle as to how simple this was made. fortunately, there is absolutely no wear on...
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    Help, please: old gravermeister advice

    lol, oh no john. i had no idea. I am an expert at nothing at all. I know a little bit about a little bit lol. I welcome any information I can get thank you sir for any help at all. I am thankful for everything I can learn!!!! thank you all for the guidance.

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