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    Help, please: even mat finish on silver and gold

    Hi there, can someone please help me with some tips how to handle surfaces? I like to do bulino engravings on silver and inlayed gold. But i always struggle to get an even mat finish. Personaly i dont like to engrave on mirror polished surfaces. Therefore i used extra fine steel wool to get a...
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    Compressor loud „wooosh“ at end of charging

    I have two compressor for working with my Airgraver. One is a small Sil Air 20A for working in my home workshop and a bigger 50/24 is used in my official workshop. My problem is not the noise of the charging process. What annoys me is the suddenly noise at the end of the charging. It makes a...
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    Turntable use ... i dont get it :(

    I tried to use at pottery turntable to center my work under a microscope. I centeret the scope and the middle of the turntable. The turntable has rings and when i spin the turntable, the rings are perfect centered with the view through the microscope. In theorie, if i now place my vise under...
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    Question: How do you price the layout for an engraving job?

    I wonder how do you handle the pricing for a layout? In regards of cutting i bet most experienced engravers know how long they need to cut an animal, ornaments or what time it takes to inlay wires. Even if there might be variations in the time, for most engravers this might be at least a rule of...
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    Question: FEGA DVD´s

    I recently found out that there is a long list of DVD´s from past seminars that can be ordered. Now i wonder what is the content in those DVD´s? Unfortunally the description gives only a Keyword, the year and the engraver. Are those videos real tutorials where the engraver is doing exactly what...
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    Question: durability of engraved jewelry

    I would like to engrave a necklace with a fine line/dot bulino engraving on silver. But i wonder how long such delicate engravings will last? Do they wear of during the years? I mean silver is a very soft material and the lines a pretty thin. Has any of you experiences with that topic? Would it...
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    Help, please: "english" scrollwork

    Hi there, i learned engraving in Suhl/Germany and one part of our education was english scrollwork ornament. Even though i always liked this kind of ornament i never engraved it after i finished apprenticeship. Now i would like to get deeper into this kind of scrolls and therefore looking for...
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    Question before buying a grs airsystem

    Hi there, sorry for posting this in the wrong section. But it seems the GRS section appears to be not often frequented. Thats why i thought i will try it here. I an a hand push/hammer engraver since around 10 years and i want to buy a GRS airsystem during the next weeks. But there are a few...

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