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  1. Jonathan.Silas

    Concerning the business of engraving.

    This may be one of the more ignorant questions ever to grace this forum, so I will apologize in advance. But how does one actually go from scratching in copper, steel and silver to actually getting paid. Do you gentlemen (and ladies) make what you want then just post it for sale? Do you take...
  2. Jonathan.Silas

    Western bright cut, video question.

    I've been looking into bright cut more and more, and hear Diane Scalese name mentioned again and again. My question is this I've found a training DVD by her on grs for 129$ and another on FEGA for about 40$ . For those that might be in the know what is the difference between these 2...
  3. Jonathan.Silas

    Ball vice mount

    Gentlemen and ladies of the forum, I've found myself in a bit of a pickle and I'm sure it's because I'm overthinking the situation. I purchased a A60 microscope with the adjustable arm Several months ago and have it mounted to my work bench, my problem is that in order to get my ball vice in...
  4. Jonathan.Silas

    Question: Cleaning/ Finishing up engraved items.

    Let me give an example of what I am talking about above. Say for example you are going to engrave a solid silver cuff bracelet. You start with a blank cleaning up all the edges, and cutting and rounding to your desired lengths. You then transfer and engrave whatever pattern you have in mind...

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