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  1. graniteguy52

    Colt Mk IV Series 80 Stainless Series???

    Travis, I have fully engraved a Colt MK IV Series 80 in stainless steel. I do not recommend it. I spent more time sharpening than cutting. The gun seemed to be uniform in hardness. It is possible to engrave, but the hardness takes nearly every ounce of fun out of the cutting.
  2. graniteguy52

    FEGA show wrap up

    Lee did not mention that his fine engraving was also the recipient of several awards including the "Best Engraved Shotgun" and "Best Engraved Modern gun" , and that he gave a seminar on shading engraving entitled "Only the Shadow Knows" that was very informative. Congratulations and thank you Lee!
  3. graniteguy52

    A Bit More Two-Step

    Very nice Sam! Especially on something as unwieldy as a heavy barrel!
  4. graniteguy52

    Texas Two Step

    Inspiring work!
  5. graniteguy52

    Limestone morning glory garland

    Walter, Thanks for a fun and informative video. Is the background sound when you are cutting, the limestone ringing from the vibration? (a similar sound when you were using a hand chisel). It reminds of the sound a piece of granite makes just before it become lots of smaller pieces. And do...
  6. graniteguy52

    For the man who has everything...

    You would think it would at the least have "Purdey" painted on the door. If I am going to be a snob, I want the "common man" to see what brand of possessions I have (They probably won't know the name and definitely not the "star-burst" emblem anyway). Of course you could add that, along with...
  7. graniteguy52

    Winston Churchill engraved knife

    WOW!!! Congratulations on finding a Unicorn!
  8. graniteguy52

    removing info on guns

    The laws I am familiar with only are concerned with the serial number not being altered (this could be interpreted as saying we could not inlay a S/N with gold, (hopefully common sense and sensible reasoning prevail)). My interpretation (and many others) is that all other information can be...
  9. graniteguy52

    Question: Quotable

    "Keep your day job, dont give it away, keep your day job, till your night job pays" - Robert Hunter Posted by Barry Lee Hands on "the other engraver's forum".
  10. graniteguy52

    new wildlife thread

    Adder - looks like that scope works like it should! Are you sure that is venison, or small bovine? Enjoy it. Sam W - Do you pay extra to live in a wildlife park?
  11. graniteguy52

    A book by Marty Rabeno?

    Of course Marty! You are sure to get all the spare change I'll be carrying!
  12. graniteguy52

    Griffin and Howe model 70

    True artistry!
  13. graniteguy52

    Multi color inlay work

    Truly spectacular! The work of a genuine artist! And thanks for letting us see it.
  14. graniteguy52

    3d printing a little workbench organization

    John B ask- "But I am unfamiliar with the green block in the background of your photograph. Am I correct to assume it is something available from machine shop suppliers? What is it called and who makes it. please?" I can get a lot in a little space with these from Gesswein -...
  15. graniteguy52

    Question: Throwback to an old thread

    Several of you mention silence - It is no longer much of an option for me - I seem to have a built-in background noise that is not much fun to hear - tinnitus. At one time it reminded me of crickets or cicadas and was not too loud - now it more akin to a tiny chorus of screamers. I agree with...
  16. graniteguy52

    working while staying at home

    " Will now be able to ship it back to my client " Marty - After so much work goes into a piece - Do you get any Postpartum Depression when you send a project back to a client? It is a mighty, mighty fine example of engraving!
  17. graniteguy52

    working while staying at home

    You guys are keeping me in awe! I'm just getting back from several weeks with bronchitis - and tried some rose n scroll on a Rocco Chicarilli knife to get back in the swing of things. I appreciate the "English scroll", but it isn't my "cup of tea". Keep up the fine work while social...
  18. graniteguy52

    FEGA 2020 Convention Results

    John, Actually the Best Modern Gun Engraving last year, Yes, thanks! Congratulations and thanks to you John - the Emerging Artist award is now known as the John Barraclough Award! We all hope you can make it to the 40th celebration!
  19. graniteguy52

    FEGA 2020 Convention Results

    The FEGA Convention is the greatest for those of us affected by the engraving bug. Great people - it is fun, inspiring, and definitely worthy of attending. Two new Master Engravers were certified out of those 5 members that applied - (Voted on by Master Engravers in attendance). Melissa McMinn...
  20. graniteguy52

    Procreate on l pad class

    edgrabow15, Mark Sedlack and Sam Alfano did a seminar at the FEGA convention two years ago. The DVD is available at: It was very informative.

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