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  1. Ryan138

    A recent coin.

    A recent skull I did on a coin. Just want to continue to update on my journey here. Thanks for looking.
  2. Ryan138

    Laser Printer Transfer Help

    So for the most part I have them down from straight acetone, to damar varnish if needed. My question is do you guys prefer a certain paper brand over another? I got some paper from Walmart and apparently I’ve burned through the 500 pages over the past two years. What I used was pretty thick...
  3. Ryan138

    Remade my power hone!

    Revamped my power hone build, just wanted to share some pictures of it as an update to the last time I posted about it. It is a direct driven system, no pulleys. Working on condensing it to a smaller size.
  4. Ryan138

    My Most Recent Coin Carving

    Just wanted to share my most recent work with you guys. Thanks for looking :)
  5. Ryan138

    Sam Alfano’s Pendant Kit

    Hey guys and girls, I received my kit late yesterday and finally got to open this evening. My first impression was wondering how on earth I was going to be able to replicate any of this. I own Sam’s dvds on scrollwork and engraving scrollwork but do more drawing than anything. Now I haven’t...
  6. Ryan138

    Help, please: Transferring Vector to black object

    I have a customer wanting an vector image put on black anodized aluminum and I am hoping to have someone give me a good idea of maybe a compound I could use without taking color off or some trick to help me make the transfer happen. Thanks for the space. :)
  7. Ryan138

    Question: What kind of chair do you guys use?

    I’m looking to upgrade an old office chair that isn’t really doing the trick for my back anymore. I’ve been looking at everything from saddles, to round tops, to drum thrones. Any suggestions would be awesome and bonus points if you guys have any pictures of your set up.
  8. Ryan138

    Question: Microscope Eye Shields

    Hey guys, maybe an odd question but the eye shields I got with my microscope came a little loose and I could knock them off super easy. Well the time has come that one was knocked off and nowhere to be found. (I.e cat has probably stolen) I’ve noticed styles with a side piece coming off to limit...
  9. Ryan138

    My latest skull on a Morgan dollar.

    After much practice I have found a few tricks that help so much, still have some learning and discovering to do on my jaws and especially my teeth. Just wanted to share with you fine folk. :)
  10. Ryan138

    Help, please: Copper Inlaying techniques

    Hello everyone! I hope you are all reading this healthy and happy. I come today looking for help in setting up my plain for inlaying. I have watched some videos on the topic and still am having trouble getting my desired result of the soft copper to actually “inlay”. If anyone would mind...
  11. Ryan138

    My Latest Skulls

    Some of my latest skull carvings. Have improved a lot since my last skull post so figured I’d update. Thanks for looking guys
  12. Ryan138

    Homemade articulating stand for microscope

    Latest build. Used a computer monitor stand and 3d printed a part to connect it all. Works great! pla print is holding up great as well. All about $60 invested for a great working articulating stand!
  13. Ryan138

    Critique Request Zippo

    Decided to scratch a skull in the zippo. Still learning how to do scrolls so none have been added yet. But any tips on the overall piece would be helpful!
  14. Ryan138

    Critique Request Coin Carving

    This is my latest skull engraving. I'm starting to feel like I'm really getting the hang of it. Please let me know if you guys think anything needs more work or practice.
  15. Ryan138

    Help, please: DIY Jeweler's Bench

    The setup I currently have is causing serious back issues for me so I'm planning on building a jeweler's bench today. I use a microscope with my engraving. Any tips? Anyone have builds they can show for inspiration? Thanks for the space!
  16. Ryan138

    Border scribe.

    Picking one of these up to test them out but seems like a viable option to use for a border scribe! Maybe someone here will also get some use from it.
  17. Ryan138

    Help, please: Coin carving question

    Fairly new but here is my latest carving. My question is what do you guys use to clean up the background (work marks) such as those around the front of my face. Looking to find a way to blend the coin better. I've been told to try out ceramic finishing stones but just wanted to hear from the group.
  18. Ryan138

    Inspired pneumatic engraving machine

    I built my engraving machine with some help from YouTube and bought a handpieces from the same guy. Just a look at my setup and my beginner work that I've been able too do with it. Waiting on my new microscope and positioning vice from Lindsay. Thanks for looking guys. Hope to hear criticism and...

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