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    Olympus SZ61TR

    Can anyone recommend or recommend not this scope? I have an opportunity to pick one up with a Paxcam 3 Camera for under a grand.
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    Engraving a chrome plated axe head

    I've been asked to engrave lettering on a chrome plated axe head that will be used for an award in the forestry service. I have not engraved on chrome plate, does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this or if I should pass on it? Thanks! Joe
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    Anyone else have dry eye?

    I know, it sounds like it is when your eyes are dry, but it actually means that your eye produces too many tears because it is signaling the brain that it is dry. In my case, my right eye drops a tear every few minutes during the day and as you can guess, it doesn't make engraving very easy. I...
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    More on scroll design by Ron Smith

    Hey, A few years back I purchased this book from FEGA and as I wasn't doing scroll work, it went on the shelf. While looking at it today it really looked disjointed and unclear, referring to things that just weren't there. Then I looked at the page numbers and it looks like the printer/binder...

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