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    Just put the finishing touches on this coin carving a few hours ago...inspired by the animated creatures in the old Harryhausen cult classic film , THE 7th VOYAGE OF SINBAD...Kali
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    I see I didn’t upload a photo of my coin in my previous post...only detail shots. Here’s a shot of the coin itself.
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    Hobo Nickel

    Haven’t posted here in ages. Here is a hobo nickel I did a while back. Just thought I’d share it here. PS, I see I have only posted detail photos...I will upload a full coin shot on another post. Can't seem to delete this and repost. Sorry for the redundancy...the redundancy...Did I mention...
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    Latest hobo nickel

    I am really not all into skulls and skeletons...this was a commissioned coin, but as long as I was asked to do this kind of subject, I really tried to make it count. Thanks for looking!
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    My latest hobo nickel carving

    Thanks for looking! Its called "Bug Off!".
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    My 17th hobo nickel carving..."Working the Graveyard Shift"

    A sort of Halloween coin..."Working the Graveyard Shift.
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    Hobo Nickel

    This is my most recent coin carving, "Unlucky Fisherman". Thanks for comments...I added a slightly better photo in the replies...

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