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    Equipment to start off in engraving

    Tools are an important consideration, obviously, but learning the proper way to use them is equally important. I would strongly suggest that you consider taking a class like the ones offered at GRS. You‘ll learn about the tools and the techniques you’re most interested in. Not sure what classes...
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    Compressor recommendations

    Thanks, Ryan. Yeah, I’m a bit conflicted on the oilless vs the oil thing. Seems like you’re going to have to settle with a somewhat louder compressor with oilless. I miss my Silentaire but they don’t come cheap. The search continues. Thanks again for your input.
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    Compressor recommendations

    Thanks very much for your response. And best of luck with your move to PA. I’ll check out the California compressor.
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    Compressor recommendations

    Looking for recommendations for a new compressor to push my GraverMax G8. My old SilAir finally gave up the ghost after 15 years of service. I’d like to try an oil-free unit but the main concern is QUIET operation. Any suggestions based on your experience would be greatly appreciated.

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