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    Beginner Practice Plates Questions

    I actually purchase a full sheet 6x36 16 gage copper from Rio Grande in Albuquerque 7 have it shared into 2x2 squares.Hot glue to a wood block & practice plate ready. To remove use some denatured alcohol Or place in microwave for 25 seconds to release,then saturate with alcohol to remove glue...
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    Conversion of standard handpieces and GRS GraverMax to use AT palm control

    My air tac is added to my flat top gravermax whiCh has a LOT more power than the new machines,IMHO,sometimes you need that extra poweron one materials
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    What do I use for a Leica a60 headrest covering

    If you already have the bracket you can get a great covering at your local welding shop. Ask forthe headband pad/covering for a welding hood. It’s thick & will serve you well
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    Conversion of standard handpieces and GRS GraverMax to use AT palm control

    Allan, I added the Air Tac unit to my Flat top Graver Max & it works fine. You do have to get the conversion kits for your handpieces but you can switch back & forth with no problems. I think the cost is negligible compared to purchasing a new unit & then having to sell the ‘Old’ unit
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    Beginner - Advice on cutting simple wheat stalks?

    That graver smith will do just about everything you will need to engrave bits & spurs along with conches & all the other area related "stuff" of the cowboy trade> you should be able to fine a maker that can show you the simple to do wheat cut method of engraving.dont ever let anyone discount...
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    Question about gun engraving

    Robert, I engrave lots of gun slides & have found many are difficult as far as hardness .There are lots of different ideas about how to overcome this dellima but I also have a tried & true sharpening that really works for me. I use a Lindsey 110 exclusively for cutting all my gun work main cuts...
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    Leica A60 Eyepieces and Eyeglasses

    swear my glasses even under my Leica 60,just adjust the lenses with your glasses on. works fine for me & Im under that scope about 6-8 hours a day.just a hassle putting em on & taking them off.
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    FEGA 2020 are you going?

    All tickets & table reserved for the Big Show, bringing my better half, Paula, too !cant wait to see all my engraving friends!!!!
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    FULL coverage 1911

    Very nice execution of this style!
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    Announcement: Pledge Membership

    I lurk on here all the time so figured it was time to pony up a little support, Thanks Sam & everybody on the site that help us poor lost souls find the technics and advice we desperately need.

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