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    moving up.....kinda

    Getting much better. But there is still a lot of room for just scroll backbones even in that plate. In different sizes, clockvise and counter. So fill it up. The importance of cutting just the backbones is that it allows you better to see any kinks and flats or other flaws there might be. I know...
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    screw cancer

    Seeing that pistol makes me think that it has been engraved by a "raw diamond". You can cut and obviosly you are enthusiastic about it. You have the courage it takes. But there are things you need to do to become the real gem and unleash your full potential. First thing: study and practice...
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    first try Bulino

    Hey Pap, Check out Thierry Duguet's YouTube channel. Mr. Duguet is doing bulino dot technique in several videos. (Also a lot of other interesting stuff...) And please post a pic, when your boar in progress is ready.:thumbsup:
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    Here is clip from my sketchbook. It shows my first steps in ornamental drawing. Between the scroll drawn in pencil and the ones in black liner are 4-5 months of practiceˋ.I hope it also shows that drawing is not an inherent skill but can be acquired by constant practise. Learning to observe and...
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    Spacing of the leaves is better in this one! But, the first leaf on the left scroll is too close compared to others. Again finials are out of proportion and not completed. You need to get the finial areas correct and uniform in order to progress. You might try printing a pic of a very simple...
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    practice drawing

    You have taken a step in the right direction. And you are on the right track to learn! In these rather simple scrolls the corrections are easier to make and understand. A couple of observations: The finials are out of proportion compared to the leaves. You need to make the the finials smaller...
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    Nick and Dot Engraving

    If I may suggest, get yourself a copy of ”Engraving historic firearms” by John Schippers. It has fool proof instructions how to cut various borders including nick n dot and it’s variations. You will find this book a true treasure for sure.
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    Coin engraving

    There is this guys Shaun Hughes posting coin carving to the tube. Sometimes days several videos a day. On his channel you'll find almost everything you do not know to ask yet. One more thing. I do not wish to be blunt or rude, but you'll need to learn to search for information more...

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