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  1. Mario Sarto

    Tips for signing your work

    Joanne does fantastic work! I'm sure you can do the small letters with a little practice as well. When I cut small letters under 1.5 mm, I find the cursive easier. And if time is money, you can also use a stamp to sign your work.
  2. Mario Sarto

    Pair of engraved weddingrings

    Happy new year from Germany! This is a pair of stainless rings, which the couple liked to use for wedding. They asked, if I could do some engraving on them and add three brilliants, too. I send them a few sketches and they chose one design. This is, what they wanted. All I needed, is shown...
  3. Mario Sarto

    Here is a little "A" I wrote ...

    Letter "A" in a leaf script version I'd like to show - cut in Copper (smoooth ...!). Dimensions of the plate are about 75 x 55 millimeters.
  4. Mario Sarto

    OT - Workbench of mine

    Some people requested me of the measurements of my jewelers workbench shown in the "workbench-thread". So here we go - keep in mind to vary the measurements to fit them to your personal needs! Mario
  5. Mario Sarto

    Jam session

    Something different - only a few cuts used for. I finished this yesterday. It is a gift for a silver wedding end of the week. It is made of Sterling Silver (exactly 100 gram - by hazard, wasn't planned). Was fun to do! Hope you like it - thanks for watching!
  6. Mario Sarto

    Scroll on a Sterling Silver pendant

    Below you find a Sterling Silver pendant i finished today. It has 40 mm in diameter. I have tried to cut deep as i was able to do ;) Thank you for watching it!
  7. Mario Sarto

    coat of arms - silver jewelry

    This is a piece with a little bit of everything - some sculpting, some engraving and some bench work. The lady customer gave me an old (see picture, it's broken in some extend) wax impression of her families coat of arms. She wanted me to build it on a pendant made of Sterling Silver for her...
  8. Mario Sarto

    Question: GraverMach - permanent a little wheese

    GraverMach - permanent a little wheeze "solved" I like to know if that is regular - a scarcely audible wheeze - sonorous. Somewhere it is loosing air... I called the tradesman and ask about it. He supposed it is conditional by construction. Does someone know from experience, what do do? Mario