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    Lettering Sample Plate

    This is a sample plate that was given to me when I helped an apprentice purchase used engraving supplies. The guy who sold the supplies had a father who engraved jewelry. It was given to the father, passed down to the son and he gave it to me because he had no one to leave it too. . I tried a...
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    advice for a block head needed

    So I traded my 30 year old GRS standard block for one only about 10 years old. The newer block hasn't had much use and is in great condition. The old block was in great shape but I wanted to take it apart to use with an Otto Carter retro-fit true axis base. The fit into the Otto base requires...
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    Method of engraving Old English

    This was done in a big time hurry. If you want I can take a piece of silver and actually show the cuts in metal, but that can't be done until the weekend. There are a few things about this method. 1. Its crazy simple. 2. Its crazy efficient. 3. What makes Old English work is the uniformity of...
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    Japanese Inlay Technique.

    This inlay is not flush with the surface but apparently holds well. watch Allan
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    Two websites to look into

    I'd like to recommend two websites for new engravers to look into for basic information. The first is This is a separate part of Steve Lindsay's forum website but with its own address. The engraving glossary was compiled by Roger Bleile, who is active on this forum. Its...
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    better transfer prints

    For almost my whole engraving life everything I did was hand drawn. Mostly because I do lettering and its easier in most cases to hand draw letters to fit the area. But I'm now starting to do transfers of more creative pieces. Letters transfer fine. But I'm having trouble getting sharp...