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  1. Roger Bleile

    Announcement: John Rohner

    It is with sadness that inform my engraving colleagues of the passing of John R. Rohner of Boulder, Colorado at the age of 97. John was a FEGA Charter Member who developed an interest in gun engraving in the 1940s after his service with the USMC where he earned two Purple Heart medals during...
  2. Roger Bleile

    Rashid El Hadi

    It is a sad day when a great talent in our field passes away. Rashid El Hadi (
  3. Roger Bleile

    Harry Kell and Ken Hunt guns at auction

    Rock Island Auctions made a short video on guns they have by Harry Kell and Ken Hunt.
  4. Roger Bleile

    Inscription on Patek Philippe

    As much as I love finely cut scrollwork, I really enjoy seeing a well cut inscription. This one is on a Patek Philippe minute repeater, split second chronograph made in 1905 and presented to Dr. Rupert Blue in 1908. Rupert Blue served with the Marine Hospital Service Regular Corps, which later...
  5. Roger Bleile

    Question: Inscribed Model 1886 Winchester

    Here is a question for my most experienced engraving colleagues. Rock Island Auctions is currently offering a Model 1886 Winchester rifle (made in 1894) with a color case hardened frame that is inscribed "Arapahoe County" on the left side of the frame. The inscription is clearly cut through the...
  6. Roger Bleile

    Announcement: Steven P. Fjestad

    It is with great sadness that I relate the passing of Steve Fjestad. Steve was my editor, publisher, and more importantly a good friend. After the challenges of writing a book about gun engravers for another publisher in 1980, I had no intention of trying another. It was with Steve's...
  7. Roger Bleile

    Announcement: Garry W. Halter

    It is my sad duty to announce the passing of Garry W. Halter, 80, of San Angelo, Texas, who passed away on July 3, 2018. Garry was a long time member of the Firearms Engravers Guild of America who mainly worked on guns and knives. Unfortunately, Garry was one of our members who I did not know...
  8. Roger Bleile

    Tutorial: Flare/Transition Cut tutorial by Roger Bleile

    I will begin with a brief recap of what this tutorial is about and how it came to be. Back in early June at Scott's Engrave-In I showed some pieces that were cut in what I usually refer to my "double bevel" style. One of the engravers indicated that it was something also called "transition style...