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    Is anyone out there using the new PulseGraver? I haven't seen any mention of it on the Forum. I'm sure someone must have tried it. If it is a good dependable machine it would be good for a beginner as it doesn't need a compressor.
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    polish before engraving

    I know the level of polish you put on a firearm before engraving can be a matter of taste. The other day I suggested a finish of 320 grit for final finish. The reason I suggested this is because I was under the impression that the manufactures use 320 grit for final polish. I know that this...
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    miniature Colt SAA

    Miniature firearms can be very pricy if it is made by a gunsmith in the US. I understand that they are also made by Uberti or Pedersoli and are priced under $1000. Is this true? How would a person go about getting one?
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    Use a heat gun to hold the image on the metal. Try it. Using the usual transfer method of laser printed image on regular paper and wiping it acetone on your practice plate for the transfer. Then heat it with a heat gun. After it has cooled wipe your finger over the image. it will not smear...
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    HP has a new printer

    HP has a relative new printer that uses 962 ink. It's an ink jet. Has anyone tried it for transfers with transparencies. I haven't been to a store to try it. If anyone has, I'm sure we would all like to hear from you.
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    Master Penman Jake Weidmann

    Since penmanship has been a recent topic I suggest you search for Jake Weidmann. Many consider him to be the best with pen and ink. His work is amazing. I couldn't get his site to copy so I could paste here or I would have. You will have to search for him. Take the time to do it you will be...
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    stainless steel for engraving

    I need some Stainless for engraving. Would like to be able to buy 1 sq. ft. in about 8 gauge. I know 416 is good for engraving are there any other suggestions? I am making plaques to go on benches that will be out side year around. Just names and other info. I have been searching and few...
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    Darken background

    I use flat black Rustolium like most to darken background, but I know some also use printers ink. I have searched and found that Speedball makes printers ink in small tubes. Is any one using this ink to darken background and is it durable?
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    parchment transfer

    If you are using baking parchment for transfers and having trouble with paper jams, here is what I do. First cut the paper to size and roll it backwards and paper clip it on the ends with paper clips. Let the roll sit for while. This will help it lay flat. Then I sand the leading edge of...
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    Need help (inkjet)

    My inkjet printer is done!! Suggestions as to which inkjet is best for transfer. What is most commonly used? What to stay away from?
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    image transfer

    The other day I put a post about image transfer. I mentioned three ways. There is a forth and I thought I would write a post about it. I have never tried it only read about it. The method involves printing your image on a laser printer and then gluing it face down on the metal. The glue is...
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    removing info on guns

    In Issue no. 128 of "The Engraver" Layne Z. states in his article that, "the first order of business was to remove all factory lettering." This caught my attention because I thought that removing factory information was against the law. I know it is against the law to remove serial numbers...
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    for beginners

    It seems to me that we have had a number of questions from beginners. Welcome if you are new and a bit of advice. Nothing will get you off to a good start than spending time with a seasoned engraver. I think you will find it well worth the money to spend a day or two of instruction with...
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    Some forums have ways to send private messages. Do we have that here on this forum?
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    Need help

    My printer quit. I was using an HP Envy 5540 that used 62 ink. Printing on Pictorico transparency and the transfers were fine. The old one was just finished. I needed a new one. I just set up a new HP Envy 7155 that uses 64 ink. I printed a transfer to try and not one spot of the ink...
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    Name of gunsmith

    Does anyone recall the name of a gunsmith that worked in California and signed his work J J P. I think it was in the 1970's.
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    Is there a video or diagram or something that shows how to sharpen the bulldozer? I understand what is meant by dubbing the point when using carbide graver; but is this something different?
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    looking princess cut cz

    I'm looking for square princess cut cz's or synthetic sapphires 2.5mm or 3mm. I want white and blue. I've been doing much searching and the only place I can find them is in China or India. I don't want to order anything from China. I would like to deal with a US source even though they most...
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    English scroll

    Is there a special graver geometry for cutting English scroll? I have made some poor attempts. I don't seem to produce satisfactory results. The dark areas between the scrolls are too small to be made by removing the background with a flat. The background must be removed when cutting the...
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    script lettering

    Internet archive is a great place for information in old books. Winter's School of Jewelry Engraving is another book that some want to take a look. The book has been reprinted but it is very unlikely that you will find a copy. I'm sure that many of us know about this book or may even have a...