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    Graver profiles of old

    Hello all, Wanted to spark a conversation about gravers throughout history - their known (perhaps documented) profiles and how far back do these go. I would imagine that some sort of steep angle-end graver was at the heart of it all - or was it? Studying old armour and military arms and...
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    Ball vise maintanance

    My older GRS ball vise is suddenly not turning properly (there seems to be a rough spot when turning - for lack of better description) - I would like to take it apart and give it a cleaning. How does it come apart? I took the threaded rod out but what do I do next? Thanks in advance.
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    Background relief question

    Question for the experienced folks here, in my learning work with very small items (1" and less) - I have been struggling with deeper relieving of the fine (sharp) 'v' ends, especially if these fall at the very end of any kind of a scroll work or similar curved surrounding. I find when...
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    Question regarding level of microscope magnification

    Hello, I have a question for the experienced folks here. In you opinion, what is the most commonly used level of magnification in your normal type of work (lettering, scrolls etc.). I am sure there are many opinions yet I am simply looking for a guideline to a usable, working magnification level...