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  1. Mike Cirelli

    Resurface ceramic lap?

    Is there a service out there that would resurface ceramic laps. I have one that got scared. I also have an iron lap that would be nice to have refinished also. The ceramic laps are so expensive it sure would be nice to get them resurfaced instead of buying another. Just curious.
  2. Mike Cirelli

    Engraved guitar for Gibson custom shop

    This is a guitar I engraved for Gibsons custom shop in Nashville
  3. Mike Cirelli

    A discussion with Sam Alfano

    A very nice interview with Sam via Rio Grande podcasts...
  4. Mike Cirelli

    Found some work I did on the web

    I ran across this on the internet. I engraved the hardware on this Gibson guitar a few years back. It's nice to be able to see some pictures of the complete guitar...
  5. Mike Cirelli

    Simple easy transfers by Mike Cirelli

    I'm finally got caught up a little so I thought I would put together this little tutorial. I use this transfer method quite often. You can use this many different ways. By that I mean you can use the computer to adjust sizes or shapes your going to fill in. First; you need good tracing paper...