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  1. Goosebuster

    Its been awhile

    A few years back I sent in a photo that was not clear enuff for a critique. I am self taught, with help from books and the internet, but been at it for some time. I'm on the West coast in Canada and do not travel much, so there is not much, to no contact with other firearms engravers. If my...
  2. Goosebuster

    One home built Walker Prop

    This is a non functioning Movie Prop gun that was built by a friend and myself. I engraved this gun for show and tell. My photos are not the greatest but any remarks as to the engaving would be great.
  3. Goosebuster

    Not very computer literate

    I'm a 78 Year old self taught engraver from B.C. Canada. Having some difficulty getting inlays and or overlays to stay in place, any help with this would be greatly appreciated.