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    Unusual detail marks

    I'm no expert and cannot give you an answer. However, I like the style of engraving, the way the liner was used to shade background as well as the three dots. I am going to try them on a practice plate and make them large enough to be noticed. The use of three dots was very common in medieval...
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    "Sample-plate" wip

    beautiful! You have talent for this art.
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    transfer on stainless

    It is difficult to transfer on items that have a high polish. Sometimes it needs a little rub with something like a 320 paper and then clean with acetone. Also try a little heat to the stainless before you transfer. If you have a buffer you might try high polish on other objects to see if...
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    Homemade Engraving Machine

    The engraver machines made from small compressors need to be maintained by taking them apart frequently. The rubber rings will come apart after 40 or 50 hours of use if you don't clean and lubricate them.
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    In my opinion, heating thermo-loc in a microwave causes uneven heating. This uneven heating causes hot spots and when it gets too hot it becomes sticky and difficult to remove from the teflon sheet. It can also stick to skin and cause burns. I have had good luck using modeling clay to hold...
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    Nimschke Engraved?

    I did an image search. My guess is these are factory engraved. Like I said, I'm no expert. I would like to know what the experts think.
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    Nimschke Engraved?

    If you go to the site suggested by Roger Bleile suggested and click the letter N you will find some examples of Nimschke's work. Note that his scrolls are tighter and not drawn out like the examples on these Colts. Two suggestions, do an image search of engraved Colts, and also go to a good...
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    Nimschke Engraved?

    I'm no expert either but I have the book of Nimschke's pulls and prints. This does not look like Nimschke to me.
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    engraving a VIN# ?

    It sounds to me like someone is asking to preserve a VIN on an older or collectable car. I would think that would be OK. I am sure it would be easy to check state laws, or just check with a car dealer ship.
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    Anybody like cutting old top break revolvers?

    I got a used Italian repo for my first project. It was not that expensive and was easy to work on.
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    Substituting ink for enamel/others

    I have used colored epoxy to fill spaces with color. I got it from Reo Grande. It is not something I do often but it did work quite well. You can sand and polish it just like enamel. Reo Grande has a video on their site that shows how to mix it and how to cure it. It does take some heat. I...
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    Question: Teachers

    Doylestown PA is the location of Check it out.
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    Question: Teachers

    Check out Schools ( I think they have occasional weekend classes and they are located in eastern PA. Also I am sure you will get to checkout all their new and latest equipment.
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    Adjustable height chair

    I use a drafting chair so I can change the height.
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    Resurface ceramic lap?

    Maybe use Krud Kutter, that is what the maker of my diamond sharpening stones suggest putting on the them when sharpening. I have used Krud Cutter when using my diamond plates on my that I use with my GRS hone.
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    Keep the background level. You don't need to dig up the background, just nice even stipple and complete coverage. No shiny spots.
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    Laser Printer Transfer Help

    I have found no difference in paper, although I haven't tried many. I get my paper from Staples but have used others as well. I usually go for the cheap.
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    Laser Printer drawing transfers

    Sometimes the metal surface needs to have a little bite to pick up the transfer. I suggest cleaning the brass as mentioned and then polish with 320 3M sheets. I think they are the yellow ones they use in the GRS classes. Then clean the surface again. Make the transfer and use a heat gun to...
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    another layout option

    I wonder if it is the stuff that is in Tom Whites transfer magic. Looks the same only diluted. Try a small sample and dilute it with acetone so you don't need rid the brush with the excess. Let us know how a diluted sample works.
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    Darkening backgrounds

    It doesn't take much of the inletting black to darken the Renaissance Wax. You need to experiment with small amounts. Take about a tablespoon of wax and mix in the inletting black until you are happy with the look. The wax will dry rather quickly after it is mixed. The drying time, when...