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    The flexible shaft unit make a good low speed power source for the Ngraver Magnagraver. I will let others with more experience comment on using the handpiece for engraving.
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    Foley-Belsaw Power Hone?

    I am hoping that one or both of these units will work for me for a long time. I will check for a place on the motor to add oil, it sound like I need some Tufoil. I appreciate both of the replies. thanks Phil
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    Foley-Belsaw Power Hone?

    At the same sale where I purchased the Jun-Air compressor, I also purchased a Foley-Belsaw honer. I thought it looked a lot like the old used GRS Power Hone I got off eBay about a year ago. I got it because, I was concerned about the motor on the GRS unit, a little noisy. See the attached...
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    Jun-Air Compressor

    I am now the proud owner of this compressor. Thanks for all of the input, I appreciate them. Phil
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    Jun-Air Compressor

    I have a chance to buy a Jun-Air compressor model 12-40 for $600. Currently I am using a California Air 4610a to run an old gravermax for engraving and rotary tools. If things progress well, I would like to buy a higher end GRS unit in the future. The 4610a works good but is noisy. The...