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    English scroll design by Bram Ramon

    Your work is absolutely beautiful by the way! Your watches were some of the first photos I saw of high quality engraving and that's what sparked my interest in hand engraving to begin with. Thank you for sharing!
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    English scroll design by Bram Ramon

    Hi Bram, we're there once photos that go along with this article on elnglish scroll? I don't see any attachments now so maybe they disappeared? Any chance you would take the time to re-upload the pics? It's very well written and I just wish I had a reference to go along with the text. Thank you!
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    Transfer Using IPad Pro and Procreate

    Hey Andrew I've asked a couple people for any help or tips on different brushes/pens with no reply yet. I don't have an issue with initial sketch or outlining really but the shading is what I'm having a tough time with. My strokes just look like pen ink and can't get the thick to thin blended...
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    I have a confession to make

    Sam would you ever share your brush settings? I got an iPad recently and have been having some fun but the shading is what I'm having a tough time with. I can't get a good taper/blend to create the dark areas fluidly. After your initial sketch do you use an inking type pen/brush? Or a heavier...
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    Great tips from Sam Alfano

    Thank you, I've been struggling with layout and shading and this has been a great resource.
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    Building a design by Phil Coggan

    This too was extremely emyl helpful. Thanks you
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    A Tutorial on How to Draw for Beginners

    This was extremely helpful Andrew, thanks a ton for sharing it. Not enough people on here get a simple thank you for what they contribute. Eventually people will have no incentive to share. So thank you ♥
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    Design for an Almar bolster knife

    I've also been playing with procreate and would love any tips you have for brush setting Arno.
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    Engraver template math?

    Not sure I have the answer exactly and anyone feel free to shoot this down if I'm wrong. Regardless, this helped me wrap my head around the angles etc. So for example you want to make a 90° graver, deduct 90 from 180 which is 90and half of that is 45° so each side of the belly will be cut at...
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    Practice Plate Portrait.

    Great work, I love that border too. Really makes a good impact on the visual imo.
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    Sculpted Engraving Using the Enset

    Oh stippling with the enset would also be a great video I haven't seen any videos on!
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    Ron Smith's Work

    Awesome stuff. Love his many styles. Beautiful flow with many unique qualities
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    Sculpted Engraving Using the Enset

    By the way I've never tried sculpting yet but this video makes me want to rush and buy one just to try the sculpting power . I wish there was more videos on the enset about the different ranges in use. Faster stoke with the lighter striker head. Some fine line shading etc. I see a lot about the...
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    Background matting punch tutorial by Weldon Lister

    Extremely good tip Weldon, thanks for sharing.
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    Stipple method explained

    That was very helpful, thank you!
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    Experience with Transparency Film?

    Hey Gary do you use a laser printer or inkjet? Just curious Thanks in advance! -Tom
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    Experience with Transparency Film?

    Interesting Gary thanks for sharing! I read another post where a guy was having trouble getting the transfer off transparency sheets in his laser printer so he sprayed a little silicone on the transparency and then wiped it all off but it left just enough of a thin layer that it worked...
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    Experience with Transparency Film?

    No problem. Just figured I'd share what works for me. Good to compile Info and methods because not all types work for all types of printers and vice versa. For inkjet, Depends on if the ink is No worries at all, just figured I'd share incase it helped even 1 other person. Not all techniques...
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    Experience with Transparency Film?

    Hey keep us updated on your experiment with the other transfer films. I'm in the same boat as you trying to find what works best and the best value. I've been experimenting with both my HP inkjet and Brother Laser printer. I'll get back to you on the models as I'm not near them and can't...