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    Hand made telegraph key

    i think that's what my hamster radiopals call them. they are much larger and possum ugly. i know 2 guys who can communicate with them about as fast as one can type on a keyboard. like anything, practice gets one there.
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    Hand made telegraph key

    i dont reconize this as a telegraph key. looks like none i've ever seen. all i've seen were rather clumsy lookin contraptions in comparison.very classy work imho tyvm for showing.
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    Critique Request My first watch movement practice

    kind of difficult to quit looking at this. superior, for sure !
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    This happen to anybody else?

    i have done several. only one really bothered me. it was for my mother. it was a 2 hour job that took about 5 hours to do.
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    my first "power toy" was the magnagraver. it was a very well made tool. like all tools, it's really the hand that guides it. it was a very minor thing, but i ended up selling mine; i never mounted it properly and didn't like the slight drag the flex shaft imparted to my hand. had i mounted it...
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    yes, what they all said. very nice to look at.
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    Hot Tip

    truth is, it wasn't the balding wax afterall !!
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    Hand engraved custom Bowie knife!

    nice lookin work.
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    This happen to anybody else?

    only a couple times for hand engraving. all the time for the commercial work i do. i frequently hear, " i can get it cheaper at the mall". problem is, there's no commercial engravers within 12 miles of me.
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    Just a little project for myself

    yer scroll looks good to me. cool stuff
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    Question: WAX ?

    renaisance , or however it is spelled, works for that.
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    Nimschke's whiskey

    none. he drank gatoraid !
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    Made gifts for Christmas. Rings made himself. Engraved himself. I put the stones myself. My drawings.

    i'm not sure the camera matters as much as the lighting setup. look on the forum tips for "light tents". one can take really acceptable fotos with a cell phone if the lighting is controlled. the key is diffused lighting. such eliminates glare spots , reflections, and other distractions. even an...
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    Announcement: Cheap and easy ball vice stand

    looks great ! is it steady, or a bit wobbly ?
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    Need some guidance

    ragged edges on curves-- likely the result of heels way too long. long heels ok for straight lines. very short heels for curves. the short ones prevent the gouging you experience.
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    Question: How to call this style of engraving?

    geometric design ? maybe ?
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    Engraving The Most Automated Profession in U.S.

    at least when the robots take over, crime rates will plummet to zero !! and there will be no need for politicians !
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    Need some guidance

    the bane of many beginners-- trying to dig too deep. push work in copper, if done at a reasonable depth and rate, does not require too much muscle. the better your sharpening technique, the easier the push becomes. your points must be really sharp, and at least a fair degree of polish to them...
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    Made gifts for Christmas. Rings made himself. Engraved himself. I put the stones myself. My drawings.

    looks nice-- a closeup would better showcase what you have done here. just a thought
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    Hello from Lafayette, LA

    face it-- you're a beginner. none of us was born with a graver in our hand. yer acessment of your work may not be a valid one. if you're a newbie, are you qualified to act as a judge on the quality of the work you do ? creative people, even the best ones, are rarely satisfied with their...