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  1. Archie Woodworth

    Transfer question: Ink drying

    Confirm that you are printing on the correct side of the sheet. One side of the transfer sheet is "tacky and the other side slicker feeling. Print on the "tacky" side the transfer sheet.
  2. Archie Woodworth

    Any mistake can be fixed

    Will give it a try and report back to form.
  3. Archie Woodworth

    Any mistake can be fixed

    Sam, you are right on regarding the weld "hardening" issue That weld is harder than "superman head" LOL ... almost "file hard". Wire must have been all iron. ESAB has a "Easy Grind" MIG wire in 0.023" (which is about the largest that I can melt with this welder) that might be an option...
  4. Archie Woodworth

    Any mistake can be fixed

    Thanks ... yep, I have is the "old school" version, iron wire. Just ran a little test on a practice steel plate with a PUK welder and it seemed to do fine. Still learning just what setting work best for various metals but looks real promising for repairing pits and slips on steel. Tried a...
  5. Archie Woodworth

    Any mistake can be fixed

    "best wire is plain old iron wire" ... That reminds me, I have some jewelry tie wire that I bought for holding items together while soldering...will give that a try. As I recall it is about the correct diameter. Will give that a try a little later today.
  6. Archie Woodworth

    Any mistake can be fixed

    What filler wire is best for filling pits in steel and who is the supplier.
  7. Archie Woodworth

    Critique Request My first watch movement practice

    Dang, if that isn't some fancy work. VERY beautiful work!!!
  8. Archie Woodworth

    NEED HELP with " The Victor" vise made in the USA

    Years ago I bought a Pepe vice ... don't know where it was manufactured, maybe Russia. It was machined from stainless steel (harder that Superman's head). It is actually a very nicely machined vise for the money. I had same problem in that initially it was way too sloppy to use. The screw in...
  9. Archie Woodworth

    Gilders Paste

    MD, this is what I the sample size ... I used it to highlight a company logo on some knifes. Kinda "spendy" but worked well.
  10. Archie Woodworth

    Gilders Paste

    Nope, but have used gold Cerakote as a fake gold inlay....actually looked good and held up well. I applied with a toothpick.
  11. Archie Woodworth

    Laser "engraved" Beretta

    5 axis laser technology .... A laser engraved Beretta for just under $20K. Per the marketing dept. STUNNING ENGRAVING Renaissance-style motifs, a modern technique The engravings on the Beretta SL3 are an evolutionary achievement made possible through the development of a cutting-edge...
  12. Archie Woodworth

    Signet ring die struck

    Maybe check with Stuller however they might only sell cast rings.
  13. Archie Woodworth

    Ken Hurst

    Roger, I remember him showing me the same gun as he was working on it ... he included so much detail in that scene ... there was even a small rabbit that he had almost hidden in the scene.
  14. Archie Woodworth

    Ken Hurst

    Ken was such a wonderful teacher/mentor ...always ready to talk and help anyone willing to learn. I stopped in to see / learn numerous times. He was always the true Southern Gentleman. Occasionally, he would share one of his life experiences; some quite humorous, like his time playing...
  15. Archie Woodworth


    Interesting...BTW what is with the gloves and surgical mask in try video?
  16. Archie Woodworth

    Key tags

    Nice ... looks like they are dipped in some type of coating.
  17. Archie Woodworth

    Inexpensive transfer ink

    Tom White’s
  18. Archie Woodworth

    Inexpensive transfer ink

    I ordered refill ink for HP print heads from Inkproducts the other day. Just filled tanks, ran some test and happy to report that they work great ... actually seems to transfer easier / darker than original HP ink. As Im sure can imagine, there is a huge saving filling your own tanks vs. buying...

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