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    a little help would be appreciated...

    The wife and I are in a bit of a financial mess ATM that is thanks to a combination of having 4 pets has going through the roof and her commuting for 4-5 hrs a day for work. So I'm trying to rack my brain on projects that don't cost to much to do but are easy to flip so if anyone has any ideas...
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    a weird one for ya

    I've been really eyeballing a little pietta snub nose 1860 as a personal piece to engrave and maybe slap in a kirst konversion kit in but they have case hardened frames. Now I know I can anneal the frame cut what I want and re case harden it again but my question is can I french grey on a case...
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    Critique Request NAA mini mag

    So this piece has been long over due in my projects bin started a little over a year and a half actually maybe even pre covid I even had to retouch an area because I got better since starting I know it's not perfect and I should have measured but everything was free handed and since I started...
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    selling engraved firearms

    I'm about to finish up a piece that I am just refinishing and waiting on a leather guy to make a case for it but was wondering, how do y'all sell pieces that you decide to work on out of the blue from your personal collection? Do you go to a local shop and do consignment or do you go to a site...
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    taurus 44?

    Does anyone here have any experience engraving on taurus's generic 44 magnum revolver. I have only seen a few engraved but wanted to know what the stainless is like before I say yay or nay I know sometimes stainless works good and other times not so much but if anyone has anything thanks
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    gun hardness chart?

    I remember seeing somewhere a chart of different guns/manufacturers and their ease of engraving but I can no longer find this chart does anyone here have something similar or can you point me in the right direction?
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    first wax seal

    I had been wanting to do one of these for a while but didn't want to ruin one but I was finally confident enough to give it a swing. This is my logo cut into a brass wax seal blank.
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    new piece

    Finally got the power back on long enough to get some work done this winter weather has been fun to say the least. Let me know what y'all think
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    for your entertainment ;)

    Apparently my phone is being weird on our little engraving spot and it thinks it can see into the future. Take note on the times of the notifications. Just thought I'd share
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    progress on naa

    Need to retouch the top of the frame (originally worked on about a year and a half ago) and fix the cylinder which got messed up thanks to a chipped graver from a worn out chuck receiver on my 901 waiting on grs at this point
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    any advice on engraving naa pistol?

    I'm currently working on engraving an old north american arms mini magnum but my graver keeps chipping with in the first half inch or so. I'm using c-max gravers with geometries from 90 to 120 at 1300 strokes per minute. I've used these gravers before on Spyderco stainless and it did just fine...
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    I'm thinking of making this piece either into a silver pendant or a heads and tails decision coin but am not sure how to do the tails side (maybe a dragon) but let me know what you think so far and let me know if you've got any ideas
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    engraving shears?

    Does anyone have experience in engraving shears I was recently asked if I could do some for a friend but I've never worked with them before does anyone have experience with these types of things?
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    first attempt at knife scale

    Just thought I'd drop my latest piece still learning (a lot to learn) but getting better with every piece
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    Critique Request honest critique on progress

    I have pictured the first coin I did from nearly 2 years ago, that I was very proud of and, one that I did yesterday. I find myself not showing the first to anyone anymore so yesterday I decided to remake the piece. While they are nearly 2 years apart I've only had unlimited access to the...
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    Critique Request progress on first crack at gun engraving

    So as of right now im 2 days into this little personal project. It is a CVA colt pocket police in 36 Cal. it is a percussion gun, and yes it is loaded and has been for the past 6 years. I don't work on it with the cylinder in and once I get to engraving on the cylinder I will clear it before...
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    Anyone ever engrave on titanium? I'm thinking about trying it but don't know if it's worth it there are some really nice watches and knives made with titanium too but how is it to cut?
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    first crack at an engraved wedding band

    I decided to bring back and old wedding band I had picked up in scrap that was worn out pretty good. I had thought about using it as casting scrap a few years back but never could bring myself to do it the band is made from sterling and the rope borders were near smooth all the way around and...
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    Has anyone out there used black rhodium for backgrounds or shading lines if not what do y'all use?
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    hobo nickels

    What do you all think of engraving hobo nickels (nickels used loosly) has anyone gotten decent return on time spent working on them? I've done one each night for the past three days just to practice the Jefferson first followed by the quarter then stepping it up to the Queen Elizabeth II an...