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  1. Leland Davis

    Finished Weatherby Orion

    Finished Weatherby Orion. Feel free to critique my work your not going to offend me. I want to know what to work on to make it better. Thanks, Leland
  2. Leland Davis

    New project

    I started this Monday have made some progress.
  3. Leland Davis

    Posting work

    I have been lamenting the fact that not many people post there work on here anymore must have moved to facebook. Then I realized my own guilt. So here is a projects wrapped up last week.
  4. Leland Davis

    Microscope setup to avoid back and neck pain.

    Is there a correct setup for microscopes for avoiding neck pain?
  5. Leland Davis

    Zieba Knives

    I have a customer wanting the scales engraved on a zieba knife are the titanium scales engravable? Anyone have any experience with them? Thanks
  6. Leland Davis

    Engraving for the wall

    Mornin all, I made another attempt at doing a framed engraving for the wall. It is a 6in x 4in piece of german silver. Leland
  7. Leland Davis

    Hammer and Chisel Bench

    A couple years ago I asked the forum members about a kick wheel vise for H/C engraving. John B. very kindly sent me a set of plans and photos of his kick wheel setup. I wanted to make mine portable and somewhat primitive looking so I could use it at black powder rendezvous. This is what I came...
  8. Leland Davis

    Sea Turtle

    I did this for a young lady's high school graduation. When her mom said sea turtle I was a little hesitant but this is what we came up with.
  9. Leland Davis

    Engraving at rendezvous

    I spent a few days at the High Plains Regional Rendezvous in Nebraska. I volunteered to engrave a capper on site for the auction this young man was fascinated with the process. Hopefully we inspired him he sat for hours watching.
  10. Leland Davis

    Weatherby Orion

    I have a customer wanting a Weatherby Orion engraved and it is not listed in the chart. I know someone has done them how are they to cut? Thanks
  11. Leland Davis

    Pets in the shop

    Bella at her post as my apprentice right before she lead me astray. She convinced me we needed to go find some quail, I'm easily distracted. How many of you have working companion helping in the shop? Let's see some pics. Leland
  12. Leland Davis

    Inverting text

    What program will allow me to invert text so I can make a transfer? Thanks, Leland
  13. Leland Davis

    1899 Savage

    This Savage 99 had been engraved before with a round chisel and a big hammer some of the progression marks were an 1/8in long. Draw filed off what I could and designed this to cover the rest. Leland
  14. Leland Davis

    Henry Big Boy

    I have 3 Henry brass frame big boys to do I don't have any experience with Henrys. How does the brass cut? is it crumbly. How hard is it to get the barrel off? They will have a lot of engraving and I don't want to fight the barrel. Thanks,Leland
  15. Leland Davis

    Eagle for the wall

    I have always thought about trying an engraving to frame and hang up, after the third day on this it was more what was I thinking. The nickel silver is 4 Inches x 6 inches. The largest piece I ever tried. Thanks, Leland
  16. Leland Davis


    This isn't a home run yet but I'm just hoping for a base hit at this point. Feel free to point out the errors of my ways. Thanks,Leland
  17. Leland Davis

    Finished Rabbits

    The drivers side of a 241 Remington.
  18. Leland Davis


    How does one get the look of bright white like a cottontail or whitetail deer tail with out it looking flat? Thanks,Leland
  19. Leland Davis

    New try on Kershaw Leek

    I finally got a chance to try again on a design for the leek knife as suggested by John B. Am I getting closer to a usable design? This one was done for my wife she liked it and trust me she's not like asking your mother for a review. Thanks,Leland
  20. Leland Davis

    Finished New Design

    Here is the first finished knife with the new design. Critiques are welcome. Thanks,Leland

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